What is the ultimate Pride and Prejudice cast?

From Colin Firth and Keira Knightley to Laurence Olivier and Alison Steadman, which actors would you hand pick for the ultimate Pride and Prejudice screen adaptation? Vote now...


Jane Austen’s sunniest novel Pride and Prejudice celebrates its 200th anniversary on Monday. And it’s got us thinking… 


The iconic love story has sparked numerous adaptations, from the classic Laurence Olivier version to the 2005 romantic blockbuster starring Keira Knightly and Rosamund Pike. (It even inspired Helen Fielding to pen Bridget Jones’s Diary…) But if you could hand pick actors from across the best-loved film and TV adaptations to make an ultimate cast of characters, who would you choose? 

Do you firmly believe no other Darcy could beat Colin Firth emerging from that lake in a wet shirt? Is Keira Knightley’s pouty performance in the 2005 your favourite Lizzie Bennet? Maybe Alison Steadman’s shrieking Mrs Bennet strikes you as the best? Or perhaps bare-chested Johnny Wickham in the upbeat Bollywood adaptation Bride and Prejudice is your favourite?


Tell us what you think by voting in the poll below: