Jeremy Piven and Katherine Kelly in ITV’s latest period drama Mr Selfridge – pictures

Following in the footsteps of BBC's The Paradise, 2013 brings us another dose of romance and shopping - this time in Selfridges department store...


Hot on the heels of Downton Abbey, 2013 sees the arrival of a new period drama on ITV. Set in Selfridges department store at the start of the 20th Century, the new biopic captures a time of decadence, female empowerment and shopping. Sound familiar? That’s because it is… Cast your mind back a couple of months and you’ll recall the BBC introducing us to a similar format with The Paradise, a northern equivalent following the fictional progress of the first British department store under the entrepreneurial eye of John Moray.


ITV’s Mr Selfridge stars Entourage actor Jeremy Piven as Harry Selfridge, the maverick American businessman who founded the landmark Oxford Street store. After shipping his wife Rose and children over to British shores while he runs his store, Harry crosses paths with glamorous stage entertainer Ellen Love whose alluring looks make her the chosen face of Selfridges.

Busy at work within the lavish department store are business-minded shop assistant Agnes (Aisling Loftus), flamboyant creative director and early-day Don Draper, Henri Leclair (Grégory Fitoussi), trusted chief of staff Mr Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) and confident head of accessories, Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington).

Meanwhile Harry is busy making important connections to increase his standing in British society – namely in the form of Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly who plays Lady Mae – a powerful socialite whose connections prove vital in building the Selfridges empire…

Excited? Why not check out these new photos of the extravagantly dressed cast?

Here’s Jeremy Piven, looking very suave in his seductively-lit fancy office. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the necktie, watch-chain and excellent facial hair he’s sporting.

Here’s his wife, Rose, looking suitably glamorous – but that miffed expression on her face suggests all is not well behind closed doors.

Maybe her misery is down to the below flirtation? If our dashing moustached husband was giggling playfully alongside dazzling entertainer Ellen Love we wouldn’t be too happy about it…

She is rather glamorous, isn’t she?

And talking of glamorous, take a look at Katherine Kelly dressed to the nines as Lady Mae. Speaking of his British co-star Jeremy Piven told, “She’s unbelievable. The character she plays in this is the antithesis from what you know in Coronation Street – this high society woman who I go to and she introduces me to this world. She’s just so brilliant and professional – I had a great time working with her.”

Meanwhile, on the shop floor there are an array of new characters to be introduced to. Here’s chief of staff Mr Grove looking very grave as he attends to some important business.

Next up is Miss Mardle whose serious expression indicates her dedicated running of the all-important accessories department. 

And there’s young Agnes, standing side by side with creative visionary Henri Leclair. Is there a hint of chemistry between the pair? We’ll have to wait and see…


Excited? So are we… Not long to wait now – you can blitz the new year blues when Mr Selfridge rolls onto our TV screens on ITV1 in early 2013. In the meantime, check out the teaser below: