Downton Abbey Christmas Special – preview pictures and predictions

The feature-length Christmas special is just around the corner. Here's what we think might happen...


Fear not, there are only 18 days to go until our next Downton Abbey fix… oh, and Christmas.


As we’re sure all dedicated Downton fans are aware (what, you’ve not been avidly consuming every piece of Downton-related news?) this Christmas the Crawleys are – rather confusingly – going on their summer holidays. 

So there’ll be no snowflakes, no carols and no Christmas trees, but – by the looks of it – plenty of fishing, flirting and fairground rides…

We’ve got our hands on some preview pictures and, as per usual, made some spurious predictions… 

What’s this now? A protective hand held over the stomach… As readers of celebrity gossip mags know only too well this can only mean one thing. The lovely lady Mary simply must be expecting. And at the same time as the Duchess of Cambridge too – well, it does seem rather fitting… 

Downton’s newlyweds are in Scotland for this year’s seasonal special – and it might just be the sun in their eyes – but they don’t look too happy about it. Might their sickeningly soppy mood have passed? (Fingers crossed…)

Well, hasn’t single lady Edith transformed since she became a journalist? Maybe she’s just zipped up from London for the weekend now she’s all independent and important and that. 

Or perhaps she’s about to sneak off in that incredibly large and shiny car (not the most subtle of getaway vehicles mind…) Rumour has it her editor and self confessed admirer just happens to be holidaying in Scotland at the same time as the Crawleys. Coincidence? We think not….

Back at the Abbey it looks like Jimmy and Thomas have kissed and made up (not literally, we suspect.) But they must be on better terms than last time we saw them if they are willing to tug for the same team…

The Downton men seem to be taking the competition rather seriously – Branson, while acting as a human buffer, is really throwing his weight around. Wonder if he’d be quite so enthusiastic if the Crawley’s were around to see him. 

You are supposed to be one of the ‘upstairs’ bunch, remember Tom… 

And what’s this we spy? Someone else enjoying all the fun of the fair, eh?

A little bird has told us that Mrs Patmore is en route for a little romance and this chubby top hat-clad fellow appears to be the focus of her affections. 

We’re fairly certain the romance will get up someone’s nose – if Carson doesn’t have something to say about it, it’s bound to irritate unlucky-in-love Daisy… But who could really begrudge a little excitement for the dowdy cook? We don’t know if it’s a little male attention or the fact that she’s straddling a carousel horse, but we’ve never seen her so giggly…

‘Who’s this?’ we hear you ask… Well, it’s Edna, Downton’s newest housemaid.

And from her peircing eyes to pursed lips, this lady doesn’t look like someone to mess with. New members of staff rarely arrive without a bit of a drama, especially headstrong ones. Maybe she’ll try it on with Branson, find a way to thaw Jimmy’s frosty exterior or have her wicked way with Carson?

Meanwhile, back in the highlands Bates is looking a bit perturbed. Perhaps – as we have previously suspected – the transition from prison life to the genteel dining-rooms of the upper classes is a little tricker than he’d hoped. After all those weeks punching, throttling and threatening people with sharp objects, it must be difficult to have to be polite all the time… Go on, Bates. Bite that tongue. 

Aha, the not-so-lovely Lady Rose. After her simply scandalous shenanigans in the series three finale (remember, she was the drinking, smoking, sequin-wearing cousin who went awol and kissed a married man?) we wonder if rural Scotland has done anything to dampen her spirit? 

By the confused expression on Robert’s face, we suspect it’s unlikely. Wonder what she’s gone and said this time…?

And while Robert’s off shooting the Scottish wildlife, Matthew has chosen a more peaceful way of catching his supper.

Well, it looks all still and serene now… but with rumours circulating that Dan Stevens might be about to jump ship, could a terrible fishing accident be on the cards? Would an appearance from the Loch Ness Monster be a step too far…? (Yes, it would.)


Find out what actually happens in the Christmas special on Christmas Day at 8:45pm on ITV1