TV Twitter Trends: Mrs Biggs, Love Actually, Dallas and Who Do You Think You Are?

We bring you the Twittersphere's reaction to last night's most talked about television



The third episode of ITV1’s latest biopic dramatising the life of Charmian – wife of notorious train robber Ronnie Biggs – accumulated a number of famous reviews when it aired last night. 

Lord Alan Sugar offered Twitter his opinion…

While Capital FM DJ Greg Burns is predicting great things for the series’ star player, Sheridan Smith…

The lady herself spent the evening in the company of her three greatest supporters, but found time to thank Twitter for its gratitude:

But the series appears to have lost one of its dedicated viewers, Joey Essex, who seemed to be otherwise engaged. In an unlikely turn of events, he tweeted after watching last week’s episode:

But bless him, he seems to be a bit confused – it’s a drama, Joey, not a documentary… Stick to TOWIE next time.

Meanwhile, Ian Wylie added to the programme’s acclaim (and got us rather excited for the final two episodes…)

But the rave reviews weren’t entirely unanimous, with @RonnieBiggsNews remaining rather dubious.


Who doesn’t love a good festive movie, whatever the time of year? That was the presiding mood on Twitter last night when ITV2 aired Richard Curtis’s Christmas classic, Love Actually, featuring a busload of famous faces

McFly’s leading crooner Tom Fletcher was full of appreciation for this new trend of wintery classics:

While The Saturdays singer Mollie King got a little overexcited at the prospect of Christmas…

Calm down love, we’re not ready to dig out the mince pies just yet.

@veritystockdale could be forgiven for thinking she’s woken up in the wrong season.

Twitter also had a thing or two to say about the film’s dashing leading men. @dizzybrunette was one of many musing about Hugh Grant’s turn as Britain’s leading politician… 

Maybe he could give Nick Clegg a few tips on how to act out a public apology…? Meanwhile, poor Colin Firth’s dodgy language skills didn’t fare so well:


The Dallas ratings may have taken a tumble of late, but that doesn’t stop the US supersoap remaining a guilty pleasure for plenty of tweeters. Channel 5’s star-studded import still drew in 1.7m viewers, including an unrepentant Katherine Hall…

While Megan Roberts flew in the face of mockery, declaring her addiction for all to see:

But it’s Ian Lythaby who picks out the true star of the show.

Prompting JR himself (well, alright, his unofficial Twitter account…) to milk the praise for his famed brows:


And finally we have BBC’s ancestral juggernaut Who Do You Think You Are? Last night’s willing celebrity subject was Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston who was in for a surprise when she traced her roots back to her Jewish ancestry in Victorian England.

The actress’s investigations led to her four-times great–grandmother, Elizabeth Braham, a widow and mother who went to shocking lengths to stave off poverty by running a whore house. @RAFairman revels in the irony of her discovery…

While Clare Brinkworth praises the undoubtable quote of the programme:

Unsurprisingly, the episode attracted many followers of Kingston’s Doctor Who character, River Song. We reckon BBC should take note – this would have been pretty cool…


But look what happens when you cross detective work with Alex Kingston’s envied locks: