The mystery of the missing Mad Men

Why are we Brits being denied the second season of Don Draper’s adventures on iTunes?


I’m one of those annoying people who bump into you on a busy tube and tangle my headphone wire around your bag whilst clutching onto an iPad rather than the handrail. If you say “excuse me, I need to get off the train”, I’ll ignore you and stand my ground – not because I’m rude, but simply because I’m deeply lost in another place – I’m watching TV. You could say I love the tube, on the tube… 


My current passion is Mad Men. Yes, I know I’m somewhat behind the curve here championing Matthew Weiner’s fantastic 60s drama, but it’s better to be late than never, right?

However, I have a problem… now I’ve finished series one, the possibility of infuriating fellow public transport users whilst watching series two looks about as likely as Don Draper becoming celibate and sober. 

You see, after spending £12.99 on season one in good faith at iTunes UK and getting well and truly hooked on the show, it appears season two is not available to buy. Oddly, seasons three and four are available for sale – but I don’t want to skip thirteen episodes on in the story before picking up in series three. Neither do I want to have to buy the DVD and watch it at home… I want to watch it on the tube and be antisocial!

Even more frustratingly – season two IS available to iTunes users in the United States…

Apple UK told me it’s not their fault, and the iTunes availability in this country is determined not by them, but by the digital rights distributor. In this case it’s Lionsgate Television. After several attempts to get an answer from Lionsgate, I can report, well, nothing – as I’m still yet to receive a reply.


The search for the missing Mad Men continues…