Gone Too Far!

Gone Too Far!

Destiny Ekaragha (2013)

12A Certificate


Our Score
A shopping trip for some okra turns into an epic odyssey in Destiny Ekaragha's adaptation of Bola Agbaje's acclaimed 2007 play. But the film lacks precision, as it seeks to open out a stage work whose dialogue rings hollow too often to raise many laughs or provoke much soul-searching. Malachi Kirby and OC Ukeje are suitably spirited as siblings struggling to connect after Ukeje arrives in London from Nigeria and proceeds to embarrass his barely street-cred kid brother with his thick Yoruba accent, dreadful dress sense and risible chat-up technique. Not that Kirby is a practised lothario. Indeed, he's too smitten with Shanika Warren-Markland to realise that she's using him to make ex-boyfriend Tosin Cole jealous. Ekaragha manages some astute insights into the differences between London's African and Caribbean communities and the need to strike a balance between inherited and assimilated cultures. But the sketchy storyline is overly reliant on cliché, caricature and contrivance.


London teenager Yemi is reunited with his estranged brother Iku, who was living in Nigeria, but finds his dress sense and mannerisms embarrassing. Fearing he will lose what little street cred he has, Yemi takes it upon himself to educate Iku in urban British culture. Comedy drama, starring Malachi Kirby and OC Ukeje.

Cast & Crew

Yemi Malachi Kirby
Iku O C Ukeje
Armani Shanika Warren-Markland
Paris Adelayo Adedayo
Razer Tosin Cole
Ghost MIles McDonald
Mum Golda John
DJ Eddie Kadi
Aisha Pooja Shah
Mark Ashley Chin
Mr Patel Bhasker Patel
Director Destiny Ekaragha
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: VerveGuidance: SwearingAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 10 Oct 2014
Drama Comedy