The Boys season 2 moment Homelander star thought had “gone too far”

Antony Starr revealed one particularly bloody scene he first had issues with.

The Boys season two stars Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty as Homelander and Starlight

Antony Starr, the actor who played Homelander in Amazon’s The Boys, has revealed the moment he thought the superhero series “went too far”. And no, it’s not that rectal explosion from season one.


The star revealed that he initially he had reservations about one scene in the upcoming second season in which the titular gang of outlaw superhero-hunters plough a speedboat through a whale.

Speaking about the (extremely bloody) moment, which has been released by Amazon Prime Video as a preview clip, Starr said he thought they were “going too far” when first reading the script. However, he now says the set-piece is one of his favourite scenes in the season.

“When you see a big sequence like that, it’s still anchored in the needs of character,” he told EW.

“The story is still being driven by the character’s needs. The Boys are trying to get away and The Deep is trying to get back into the Seven. So, whilst, yeah, it’s pretty whacky and kooky, it is anchored in very strong character needs and story.”

Starr also opened up about the show’s green-lit third season. Well, partly: the actor merely gave a two-word hint. “The only words that Eric [Kripke, header writer] said to me about season 3 were ‘homicidal maniac.’ [Homelander is] a homicidal maniac anyway, so I’m not sure what that means,” Starr said.

The Boys season two sees the return of Homelander, alongside members of the Vought Seven superhero group, including Starlight (Erin Moriarty), Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott), A-Train (Jessie T Usher) and Chace Crawford (The Deep).

No-nonsense tough guy Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and reluctant apprentice Hughie (Jack Quaid) also star in new episodes.


The Boys season 2 launches on Friday 4th September on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide.