It's been well over a year since the first season of The Boys hit Amazon Prime Video and fans are understandably anxious to get their hands on the next chapter.


The series stars Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, the leader of a ragtag band of vigilantes who wage a bloody war against corrupt corporate-owned superhero team The Seven.

The first season ended with Butcher in grave danger, as his psychotic rival Homelander dumped him on the door step of his wife, who he had thought to be dead.

In season two, the fight will be even more brutal as so-called super terrorists enter the fray, and sensitive real-world issues are tackled head-on. However, the show won't lose its sense of humour either, as recent trailers suggest a number of strange subplots and wacky action sequences await us.

The satirical drama is one of the biggest television shows of 2020, securing an advance renewal for season three and a spin-off after show hosted by Aisha Tyler.

Speaking to, showrunner Eric Kripke teased that season three could be partly inspired by the coronavirus pandemic, in-keeping with the show's tendency to rip stories straight from the headlines.

Work on the next season is already well underway, with Jensen Ackles confirmed to appear, while fellow Supernatural alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan is also in the running for a role - but only if the pandemic is under control.

Here's everything we know so far about The Boys season two.

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When is The Boys season 2's release date?

It was announced on 26th June 2020 that the second season of the show would premiere on 4th September 2020 - though in a slightly different format than the first.

Whereas the initial run saw all eight episodes added to Prime in one go, the series is going weekly for its second instalment - with three episodes debuting at launch and new additions every Friday until 9th October 2020.

Behind-the-scenes talk show Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys will premiere on 28th August with a special season one recap, with a new edition accompanying each subsequent season two episode.

The Boys season 2 cast

The cast of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video, including Karl Urban and Jack Quaid

The second season of The Boys will see the return of most of the surviving members of the cast, including The Boys themselves headed up by Karl Urban (Thor: Ragnarok) as the intimidating Billy Butcher.

Jack Quaid will also return as his newest accomplice Hughie Campbell, who doesn't always have the stomach for Butcher's merciless approach to things.

Expect to see more of Laz Alonso's Marvin and Tomer Capon's Frenchie, two members of The Boys who frequently clash over how they should run their operations, as well as Karen Fukuhara as their powerful enhanced ally Kimiko.

The official Twitter account for The Boys posted the below image of the vigilante group giving the finger in front of a poster of their rivals, meaning their trademark bad attitude isn't going anywhere...

More like this

Speaking of The Seven (or what's left of them), we'll surely be getting more of Anthony Starr's terrifying Superman allegory Homelander, who will probably only become more unhinged over the course of season two.

His surviving associates include warrior Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott), speedster A-Train (Jessie T Usher), aquatic hero The Deep (Chace Crawford), and their newest recruit Starlight (Erin Moriarty), the only member of the team with a conscience.

There's also the ludicrously named Black Noir, a Batman parody portrayed by Nathan Mitchell, who is yet to speak or take off his mask - but season two could reveal a bit more about him.

We'll also be treated to some new additions including actor and comedian Patton Oswalt (Agents of SHIELD) in a top secret role, Goran Visnjic (Santa Clarita Diet) as a charismatic church leader, and Claudia Doumit (Timeless) as a promising young congresswoman.

Meanwhile, Aya Cash (You're The Worst) will appear in season two as a Neo-Nazi with super powers who goes by the moniker Stormfront and becomes a sworn enemy of The Boys.

You can catch her in the clip below, awkwardly introducing herself to Homelander and Queen Maeve, while a legion of passionate fans watches on social media.

What will happen in The Boys season 2?

**Spoilers for season one**

The first season of The Boys ended on a huge cliffhanger, as Billy Butcher found himself reunited with his missing wife, who is revealed to have been raising Homelander's baby.

Season two will have to pick up on the fallout of that reveal and find a way for Butcher to get off Homelander's radar, which won't be easy given his incredible powers.

All the while, Vought International is attempting to assert dominance on global politics by securing a crucial defence contract with the United States government.

If they succeed at their goal, it would be a disaster for the world, as the overseas atrocities of "superhero" Black Noir are interspersed within scenes of a tense boardroom negotiation.

Watch below, but beware graphic violence and gore - this is The Boys after all, what did you expect?

The Boys season 2 trailer

Amazon Prime Video revealed a first look at season two of The Boys late last year, which doesn't give much away in terms of plot - aside from the fact that there will be plenty more gory fights.

A full teaser trailer was released on 8th July, with further plot details potentially teased - including a national manhunt for Billy Butcher, and Homelander apparently testing his son's superhero abilities by pushing him off a building.

On 4th August, Amazon dropped the final trailer for The Boys season two, which offers the lengthiest look yet at the carnage on its way in season two.

Amazon Prime also released a brand new clip in August, showing the new Seven interact with a Deep who seems to have joined a religious sect.

The Boys season two posters

As the final trailer arrived, Amazon revealed two seriously cool posters for The Boys season two, in which the terrifying Homelander and no-nonsense Billy Butcher take centre stage.

Karl Urban plays Billy Butcher in The Boys season two (character poster)

As if Homelander wasn't scary enough, the designer behind this poster found a way to make him even creepier. Hello nightmares.

Antony Starr plays Homelander in The Boys season two (character poster)

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