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The Boys season 3 could be inspired by US government’s response to COVID-19

The satirical drama often tackles topical issues from the world around us.

The Boys season 2 cast on Amazon Prime Video, including Karl Urban and Jack Quaid
Published: Monday, 17th August 2020 at 5:00 pm

The third season of Amazon Prime's The Boys could take inspiration from the coronavirus pandemic, according to the showrunner.


The series takes place in an alternate reality where a sinister corporation bankrolls a team of utterly immoral "superheroes," who routinely show contempt for ordinary citizens.

The Boys has been a mammoth hit for Amazon's streaming service, earning an early third season renewal long before the second had even debuted.

Speaking to and other press, showrunner Eric Kripke explained how storylines for the show are ripped straight from real-world headlines.

"In terms of what subjects we choose, it really is what’s happening in the news at the time that we’re writing it," he said. "We’re all news junkies and in season two, in the United States, the travel ban was happening and getting people really scared about this fictitious caravan that was coming to our southern border with Mexico.

“So, we ended up with a season that’s a lot about xenophobia and how authority figures rile up people, and make them afraid in order to control them."

Given that the coronavirus pandemic has been dominating the news cycle for most of the year, it should be no surprise that it's at the forefront of the writer's mind going into season three, specifically President Trump's handling of the crisis.

Kripke added: "I can tell you that season three, without being specifically about COVID, we’re having a lot of conversation about government response to COVID here in the States. And my guess is you’ll see that metaphorically show up one way or another in season three."

The Boys season three is intended to start filming in early 2021, although Kripke has previously warned "that’s up to a microscopic virus.”

The second season debuts on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 4th September and will be accompanied by a new behind-the-scenes programme titled Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys, hosted by Aisha Tyler.


The Boys is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Check out our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video and the best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video. If you're looking for something else to watch, check out our TV Guide


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