Doctor Who 50th anniversary: New Zealand fans send their voices to the moon in celebration

Kiwi Whovians to participate in competition to get the best "moonbounce"


It may go down as one of the wackiest ways of marking Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary –  scores of New Zealanders are sending their voices to the moon and back in honour of the show.


Yes, the Kiwi fans’ dulcet tones will journey more than 750,000 kilometres through space (and time) in a so-called moonbounce.

Devised by the US military during World War II the technique involves bouncing an audio message off the moon to a receiver on earth.

New Zealand channel Prime which is airing the long-awaited episode has recruited specialists in the technique to launch a competition for the best voice sent towards Earth’s rocky satellite.

Scores of fans are expected to take part in the competition which will look for the best voice – many of them delcarations of love for the show no doubt – returning to earth and they will be broadcast.

The New Zealand television premiere of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who, The Day of the Doctor, will appear on Prime at 8:50am on November 24 as part of the global simulcast.

This is of course the same time as the UK’s transmission which is 7.50pm on Saturday November 23 GMT.