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Sport on TV 2020 calendar

Events and previews to be added and updated throughout the year

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20th – Pakistan Super League cricket (HUM Masala)

21st – T20 Cricket Women’s World Cup (Sky Sports)

29th – Formula E Race 5: Marrakesh (BBC / Eurosport)


1st – Carabao Cup final (Sky Sports)

8th – MotoGP Qatar Grand Prix (BT Sport)

15th – F1 Australian Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

21st – Formula E Race 6: Sanya (BBC / Eurosport)

22nd – F1 Bahrain Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

22nd – MotoGP Thailand Grand Prix (BT Sport)

23rd – Indian Premier League cricket

29th – The Boat Race – Oxford v Cambridge (BBC)


4th – Formula E Race 7: Rome (BBC / Eurosport)

4th – The Grand National (Racing TV / ITV)

5th – F1 Vietnam Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

5th – MotoGP Grand Prix of The Americas (BT Sport)

5th – WWE Wrestlemania 36 (BT Sport)

9th – The Masters – golf (Sky Sports)

18th – Formula E Race 8: Paris (BBC / Eurosport)

18th – World Snooker Championship (BBC / Eurosport)

19th – F1 Chinese Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

19th – MotoGP Argentina Grand Prix (BT Sport)

25th – 2019/20 League Two last day

26th – London Marathon (BBC)


2nd – 2019/20 Championship last day

3rd – Formula E Race 9: Seoul (BBC / Eurosport)

3rd – 2019/20 League One last day

3rd – F1 Netherlands Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

3rd – MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix (BT Sport)

9th – Giro d’Italia (Eurosport)

10th – F1 Spanish Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

14th – US PGA Championship (Sky Sports)

16th – League Two play-off final

16th – FA Women’s Super League last day

17th – 2019/20 Premier League season last day

17th – MotoGP French Grand Prix (BT Sport)

23rd – FA Cup final (BBC)

24th – Indy 500 (Sky Sports)

24th – F1 Monaco Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

24th – Great Manchester Run (BBC)

24th – League One play-off final (Sky Sports)

25th – Championship play-off final (Sky Sports)

25th – French Open (ITV / Eurosport)

27th – Europa League final (BT Sport)

30th – Champions League final (BT Sport)

31st – MotoGP Italian Grand Prix (BT Sport)


4th – NBA finals (Sky Sports / NBA League Pass)

6th – Formula E Race 10: Jakarta (BBC / Eurosport)

7th – F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

7th – MotoGP Catalan Grand Prix (BT Sport)

12th – Euro 2020 (BBC / ITV)

12th – Copa America (Premier Sports)

13-14th – 24 Hours of Le Mans (Eurosport)

14th – F1 Canadian Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

17th – US Open – golf (Sky Sports)

21st – MotoGP German Grand Prix (BT Sport)

21st – Formula E Race 11: Berlin (BBC / Eurosport)

27th – Tour de France (ITV / Eurosport)

28th – F1 French Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

28th – MotoGP Dutch Grand Prix (BT Sport)

29th – Wimbledon (BBC)


5th – F1 Austrian Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

11th – Formula E Race 12: New York (BBC / Eurosport)

12th – Wimbledon final (BBC)

12th – Euro 2020 final (BBC / ITV)

12th – Copa America final (Premier Sports)

12th – MotoGP Finland Grand Prix (BT Sport)

16th – The Open (Sky Sports)

19th – F1 British Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

24th – Olympic Games (BBC / Eurosport)

25th – Formula E Race 13: London (BBC / Eurosport)

26th – Formula E Race 14: London (BBC / Eurosport)

TBC – The Hundred (Sky Sports)


2nd – Community Shield (Sky Sports)

2nd – F1 Hungarian Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

9th – MotoGP Czech Grand Prix (BT Sport)

12th – European Super Cup (BT Sport)

14th – Vuelta a Espana (ITV / Eurosport)

16th – MotoGP Austrian Grand Prix (BT Sport)

23rd – WWE SummerSlam (BT Sport)

25th – Paralympic Games

30th – F1 Belgian Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

30th – MotoGP British Grand Prix (BT Sport)

31st – US Open – tennis (Amazon Prime)


6th – F1 Italian Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

10th – 2020 NFL season (Sky Sports)

13th – MotoGP San Marino Grand Prix (BT Sport)

13th – Great North Run (BBC)

20th – F1 Singapore Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

25th – Ryder Cup (Sky Sports)

27th – F1 Russian Grand Prix (Sky Sports)


4th – MotoGP Aragon Grand Prix (BT Sport)

11th – F1 Japanese Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

18th – MotoGP Japanese Grand Prix (BT Sport)

18th – T20 Cricket Men’s World Cup (Sky Sports)

25th – F1 United States Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

25th – MotoGP Australian Grand Prix (BT Sport)


1st – F1 Mexican Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

1st – MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix (BT Sport)

15th – F1 Brazilian Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

15th – MotoGP Valencia Grand Prix (BT Sport)

15th – ATP Finals (Amazon Prime / BBC)

24th – UK Championship snooker (BBC / Eurosport)

29th – F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Sky Sports)

TBC – Davis Cup Finals (Eurosport)


TBC – FIFA Club World Cup (BT Sport)


TBC – PDC World Darts Championship (Sky Sports)