There's a potential death in Walford next week, as Suki Panesar's (Balvinder Sopal) attempts to solve her woes lead to danger and drama with ruthless Ranveer Gulati (Anil Goutam).


Meanwhile, Stacey Slater's (Lacey Turner) holiday plans grow complicated when she invites both her ex Martin Fowler (James Bye) and her new beau Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol). But there's a Slater-shaped surprise on the way!

And Amy Branning (Abbie Burke) finds herself targeted after trying to impress the new boys on the block - so stepsister Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) steps in. Also, Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) takes more advice from Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) over his love life - what will this mean for him and Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith)?

Read on for all you need to know on EastEnders from 8th - 11th August 2022.

6 EastEnders spoilers for next week

1. Suki tries to get her life back on track

Suki and Sharon in EastEnders
Suki tries to manipulate Sharon (BBC) BBC

A struggling Suki has found herself in an impossible situation as she's blackmailed by dodgy family friend Ranveer. She's also drifting further apart from her own loved ones, and fails at trying to negotiate a lower deal on the Minute Mart lease. As Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) catches Suki during a low moment, she invites her for a drink; and Suki takes the opportunity to use her vulnerability, hoping Sharon will lend her the money she needs. Will Sharon fall for the bait?

Later, Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) offers Suki some words of wisdom, and the latter decides to meet with Ranveer. But given his menacing behaviour, it seems she's only heading for more trouble. Suki has a plan, but disaster is lurking as things go horribly wrong, leaving Ranveer furious...

2. Is Suki a killer?

Ranveer and Suki in EastEnders
Suki finds herself at Ranveer's mercy (BBC) BBC

Following Suki's latest scheme, Ranveer refuses to walk away and insists that she makes it up to him. She stands her ground and a fight ensues. This leads to Suki calling estranged son Kheerat, leaving him a message for help. And when Ranveer's son Ravi (Aaron Thiara) comes looking for him, Eve points him towards Suki after seeing the pair together earlier. At the same time, Ranveer overpowers Suki and she hits him over the head in self-defence.

When Ravi arrives to find Ranveer lifeless on the floor, Suki is anxious over the harrowing situation. Kheerat finds the Minute Mart closed and clocks something is wrong, telling his siblings to check on Suki. Will they discover what has happened? And how will Ravi deal with Suki's actions? Has she now become a killer, or are further twists just around the corner?

3. Stacey's holiday shock

Martin, Stacey and Kheerat in EastEnders
Stacey is taking the family on holiday (BBC) BBC

A holiday that was booked before the pandemic is due to expire, so Stacey tells Martin they need to use it while they still have the chance. But he says he can't make it, so Stacey asks Kheerat to join her and the kids instead. Kheerat politely declines as well; while Martin chats to pal Zack Hudson (James Farrar), wishing he had agreed to go. Zack urges him to rethink it and Martin turns up just as a flustered Stacey is packing - but so does Kheerat!

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With both men joining them, Stacey may regret the trip when Kheerat and Martin begin to bicker, competing in a game to decide who chooses what's for dinner! Kheerat is stroppy when he loses and Stacey tackles him over his attitude, asking if he thinks he's too good for a caravan park. Kheerat shows her a different side to him and the pair make up, but there's a shock for Stacey at dinner...

4. Jean and Mo return!

Jean, Mo, Stacey and Martin in EastEnders
The Slaters are reunited! (BBC) BBC

Stacey's mum Jean (Gillian Wright) is working as a waitress where her family are sitting down for dinner - and Kheerat tries to convince Jean to talk to her daughter. He has to rush off when he receives Suki's voicemail, but Stacey meets with her mum for a chat. It's at this point that another surprise awaits her - nan Mo Harris (Laila Morse) is there too! Stacey asks Jean why she isn't staying with her friends like she said she was, before asking her mum to return home.

But Jean is worried that Walford is gossiping about her, and is so ashamed over her bipolar episode that she insists she can't go back there. Stacey doesn't give up, though, and when her daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) joins in, things get emotional. Stacey and Jean talk to Lily, and Martin shares some moving words. But will all this be enough to persuade poor Jean to come home?

5. Chelsea intervenes as Amy is targeted

Chelsea and Nugget EastEnders
Chelsea confronts Amy's bully (BBC) BBC

When Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) introduces Howie Danes' (Delroy Atkinson) son Denzil to Amy, Amy takes an immediate shine to Denzil. Wanting to impress him, she causes havoc instead; and dad Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) is unimpressed by Amy's outfit! Kim plays it down and leaves Amy and Denzil alone together, but they are joined by Ravi's son Davinder - also known as Nugget. But the boys gang up on Amy, leaving her upset.

Chelsea finds Amy distressed and learns what happened, so Chelsea confronts Denzil and Nugget and puts them in their place. But Amy is still self-conscious and is supported by stepmum Denise (Diane Parish) over the trials of becoming a teenager. Chelsea is furious to hear that Denzil didn't apologise to Amy and directs some stern words towards him and Nugget. Will Amy be OK, or will she continue to be tormented?

6. Will Bobby and Dana reunite?

Bobby and Rocky in EastEnders
Rocky offers Bobby advice again (BBC) BBC

It's been rather awkward between exes Dana and Bobby ever since she slept with his brother Peter (Dayle Hudson). But there's a thawing after Bobby learns from gran Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) that she needs to sell Walford East. In the Vic, Dana comforts Bobby about the restaurant's closure, and the pair agree to meet for a drink the following day.

When Bobby tells Rocky about this development, Rocky separately hints to him and Dana that they both want to get back together. As a nervous Bobby and Dana meet up as planned, will they reunite just as Rocky predicted?

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