The amber cufflinks worn by the dead body in EastEnders at Christmas 2023 made an appearance on Thursday.


The flash-forward scene shown in February 2023 on the BBC One soap saw six female characters standing over a dead mystery male body on the floor of the Queen Vic.

One of the few clues that could give away his identity in the months before Christmas were the amber cufflinks worn on his suit.

Actor Navin Chowdhry previously teased that the cufflinks would be making an appearance very soon and now they have.

Fans believed they had previously seen Walford icon Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) wearing the cufflinks back in January, but on Thursday (13th July 2023) viewers saw groom-to-be Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) win the cufflinks in a poker game with Albert Square villain Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry).

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"For your wedding, maybe," commented Nish as he took off the amber cufflinks from his sleeves and offered them as collateral in the game.

Nish then added, dryly: "By the looks of that waistcoat, you could do with some fashion advice."

In the resulting hand that was dealt, Rocky beat Nish and won the amber cufflinks.

However, Rocky decided that he did not wish to keep the cufflinks in his winning bounty.

"Here, listen, you can have them, Jack," commented Rocky, moving them across the table. "They're not my cup of tea."

As a result, a bemused Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) inspected the cufflinks before pocketing them.

Amber cufflinks amongst cards and cash on a poker table.
Amber cufflinks amongst cards and cash on a poker table. BBC

Of course, Albert Square villain Nish was one of the favourites to be the body at Christmas due to his sheer number of enemies in the soap, but given that Jack is now in possession of the cufflinks, does this put him in the firing line?

Jack certainly has some enemies in the soap, including Nish himself and his son, Jack's former love rival Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara).

Fans are also well aware that Jack's own wife Denise Fox (Diane Parish) is one of the six women in the flash-f0rward to Christmas and is seen standing with a broken bottle over the dead body. Could Denise have killed Jack?

Scott Maslen as Jack Branning goes to hold amber cufflinks at a poker table in EastEnders.
Will Jack Branning be the one wearing the amber cufflinks on Christmas Day? BBC

Of course, we still have five months until we have the answers we seek, meaning the cufflinks could find their way onto the wrists of any of Albert Square's men, including back to their original owner, Nish.

Additionally, where do the cufflinks that Phil was wearing fit into this?

Fans will have to keep sleuthing to see if EastEnders offers any other clues to the future of the men of Walford.

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