*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Loki season 1.*


It's been a long wait, but Loki season 2 finally returned to our screens this week, with Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief getting up to all sorts of, well, mischief in the first episode.

The series' return re-introduced some old faces, including Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie (in the shape of a post-credits scene) and Owen Wilson's Mobius. It also featured some brand new cast members, and they're already proving to be just as interesting – hi, OB (Ke Huy Quan).

The MCU's latest venture premiered to strong reviews and a slightly modified release schedule – only one episode was made available to watch instead of the usual double bill. Luckily, fans don't have to long to wait before episode 2 lands.

In the meantime, we can mull over episode 1's ending. With the series picking up straight after season 1's dramatic conclusion, during which Sylvie killed He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) and unleashed the multiverse as we know it, there was certainly plenty to take in.

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Fans had already got a glimpse of what Loki would be up to in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania's post-credit scene, with the movie setting up just how much Kang the Conqueror would "change everything" for the sprawling superhero franchise.

The series' executive producer Kevin Wright has already hinted at how this instalment might conclude, teasing it will be an "open-ended" finale even though a season 3 is yet to be confirmed.

Want to know more? Read on for everything you need to know about Loki season 2.

Loki season 2 release date: When is it coming out?

Ke Huy Quan as O.B., Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, and Owen Wilson as Mobius in Loki season 2 standing in a tiled room
Ke Huy Quan as OB, Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, and Owen Wilson as Mobius in Loki season 2. Gareth Gatrell/Marvel

Loki season 2 premiered on Disney Plus at 2am BST on 6th October 2023.

The show will run for six episodes in its second season and conclude on 9th November 2023.

In April 2021, executive producer Nate Moore told IndieWire that Loki is a project envisioned for "multiple" seasons, suggesting it might continue even further than the second instalment.

"I think there’s a lot of storytelling in Loki that’s really irreverent and clever and cool, but also lends itself to multiple seasons in a way where it’s not a one-off," he said. "Tom Hiddleston, I think, is doing some of his best work on that show.

"It really is kind of amazing. I think of all the great stuff he’s done, but this show is going to show such different sides and really the true scope of his range. I think that show is going to surprise a lot of people."

Who stars in Loki season 2?

Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15 in Loki
Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15 in Loki Gareth Gatrell/Loki

A number of Loki cast members will be returning for season 2.

  • Tom Hiddleston as Loki
  • Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Renslayer
  • Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15
  • Eugene Cordero as Hunter K-5E/Casey
  • Rafael Casal as Brad Wolfe
  • Tara Strong as the voice of Miss Minutes
  • Kate Dickie as TBC
  • Liz Carr as TBC
  • Neil Ellice as Hunter D-90
  • with Jonathan Majors as Victor Timely
  • with Ke Huy Quan as Ouroboros/OB
  • and Owen Wilson as Mobius M Mobius

All of the major players from the show's first season have returned for the second, despite the cataclysmic events which saw the Sacred Timeline destroyed and the Multiverse born anew.

Sylvie is back, now working in McDonald's, while Ravonna appears in the trailer wearing Victorian garb.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star Jonathan Majors will reprise his role as a variant of Kang the Conqueror, this time as the Victorian-set scientist Victor Timely.

New additions to the cast include Game of Thrones's Kate Dickie, Silent Witness's Liz Carr, and Everything Everywhere All At Once star Ke Huy Quan as new TVA employee Ouroboros.

Loki season 2 theories: What could happen next?

Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in Loki season 2
Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in Loki season 2 Marvel Studios/Gareth Gatrell

The Quantumania end-credits scene made it clear that Kang will feature in Loki season 2.

The mid-credits scene saw a whole army of Kang variants being summoned before the end-credits scene zoned in on one particular version of the villain.

In this scene, which appears to be set at some point towards the beginning of the 20th century, we see yet another version of Kang giving a lecture on stage, telling his audience: "Time is everything. It shapes our lives, but perhaps we can change it."

We then cut to the audience and discover a couple of familiar faces in the crowd: Loki and Mobius.

"It's him," Loki whispers – appearing very concerned. Mobius is less worried, turning to Loki and saying, "You made him sound like some terrifying figure!"

Loki simply responds, "He is" before the screen cuts to black and a message appears that promises: "Kang will return."

The variant of Kang we meet in this scene is named Victor Timely, and it looks like he will be the major antagonist in the second run of the Disney Plus series - and Loki certainly doesn't seem too excited about the prospect of coming up against him. Consider us suitably terrified...

Majors last featured in Loki in episode 6 when the series gave fans what they had long been hoping for, delivering the formal introduction of Jonathan Majors as comic book villain Kang the Conqueror – kind of.

The eccentric figure we meet in the season finale is not the ruthless maniacal villain from the comic books but rather a somewhat more reasonable variant under the alias He Who Remains.

While his authoritarian grasp over reality as puppet master of the TVA can certainly be considered evil, there is a virtuous side to this version of Kang as he strives to prevent the outbreak of a cataclysmic multiversal war.

After Sylvie kills him in the closing moments, he utters "see you soon" as the Sacred Timeline branches into countless alternate realities, one of which is sure to contain an even more dangerous version of himself.

Jonathan Majors in Loki
Jonathan Majors in Loki. Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Even aside from Kang, there's still be plenty for Tom Hiddleston's epic sci-fi drama to unravel as it deals with the ramifications of a tweaked timeline in which neither Agent Mobius nor Hunter B-15 can remember who Loki is.

From the jaw-dropping final scene, it seems that Loki may have ended up in a parallel universe where his exploits with the TVA never happened, but it's unclear if Sylvie intended to send him there or if it's a sign the cosmos is already out of control.

The addition of a giant Kang statue in the TVA headquarters, taking up the space once held by a shrine to the fictional Time-Keepers, suggests that perhaps an egotistical variant of the time-traveller is behind this meddling.

Things have been left similarly ambiguous for Judge Ravonna Renslayer, who exited the TVA headquarters through a TemPad portal on a quest to find free will.

In the comics, she becomes a love interest and right-hand woman to Kang the Conqueror, so it's possible we could see the two villains first cross paths in Loki's second season.

Season 1 showrunner Kate Herron isn't returning for the next chapter, but she too has a lot of questions about where the story will go next, discussing the show's renewal in an interview with Collider.

"I would say the decision for that came from Marvel and Disney, and I thought it was just the highest compliment to everyone's work on the show," she said. "They were just excited by the stories and by the amazing work that the writers and the actors were doing.

"And I thought that was so cool because there's so many unanswered questions. It's like, where did Renslayer ago? What are B-15's memories? Who is she? And also beyond that, where the hell is Loki?

Herron added: "Yeah, I think there's definitely more road to travel. And as everyone knows, in the comics, even with six hours, we scratched the surface of who Loki is, so I think there's so much more to be explored.

Is there a Loki season 2 trailer?

Yes! We've had a couple of trailers teasing all the action to come, with appearances from stars including Tom Hiddleston, Jonathan Majors, and Ke Huy Quan. The new trailer shows Loki being pulled through time - and potentially using more of his powers.

Watch one trailer below:

A featurette was also released to mark the second season of the series, with Tom Hiddleston offering a glimpse at the new run.

The official synopsis reads: "Loki Season 2 picks up in the aftermath of the shocking season finale when Loki finds himself in a battle for the soul of the Time Variance Authority.

"Along with Mobius, Hunter B-15 and a team of new and returning characters, Loki navigates an ever-expanding and increasingly dangerous multiverse in search of Sylvie, Judge Renslayer, Miss Minutes and the truth of what it means to possess free will and glorious purpose."

Loki season 2 will start streaming on Disney Plus on 6th October 2023. You can sign up to Disney Plus for £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year now.

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