Loki episode six has landed on Disney Plus and it's a doozy, bringing Tom Hiddleston's epic time-travel adventure to a shocking conclusion that is sure to get fans talking.


The series finale brings together all the fascinating themes and plot threads woven throughout the series, from Loki and Sylvie's unlikely romance to the threat of a multiversal war, as well as setting the stage for Loki season two.

Hiddleston wasn't lying when he said that the series would push the MCU into new territory, as Loki looks set to have a huge influence on upcoming blockbusters Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Just like the other Marvel TV series on Disney Plus, Loki has followed a weekly release schedule but shifted away from Fridays to midweek slot.

In order to watch Marvel’s Loki, you’ll need a Disney Plus subscription. You can sign up for £7.99 per month or £79.90 for a full year. And if you want to know how to watch the Marvel movies in order, we’ve got you covered.

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Read on for everything you need to know about the Loki release schedule. Plus, find out what the Loki ending really means as we break down the finale.

What time does Loki episode 6 come out?


While Americans have had to be up all night to get Loki (sorry), here in the UK we've been getting the new episodes at a much more civilised hour.

Loki episode six was released today, Wednesday 14th July at 8:00AM (BST) on Disney Plus UK and is available to watch now, with the blockbuster series following a weekly schedule, much like WandaVision and The Mandalorian before it.

All episodes of the Marvel series have arrived on the streaming service at 8:00AM (BST) on Wednesdays but that time will of course vary depending on what country you're in.

As noted, our friends in the United States have to stay up rather late to watch Loki the moment it drops, as the next episode will launch across the pond at 12:00AM PT/3:00AM ET.

Meanwhile, fans in Australia get an early evening showing at 6:00PM on Wednesdays, all of which equates to a roughly simultaneous release worldwide.

Loki release schedule: release dates

As was the case with the previous Marvel shows, episode titles for Loki were not released in advance, but instead act as a surprise reveal on the day of release – check out the full list of Loki episodes below.

Loki episode 1: Glorious Purpose – Wednesday 9th June (out now)

Loki episode 2: The Variant – Wednesday 16th June (out now)

Loki episode 3: Lamentis – Wednesday 23rd June (out now)

Loki episode 4: The Nexus Event – Wednesday 30th June (out now)

Loki episode 5: Journey Into Mystery – Wednesday 7th July (out now)

Loki episode 6: For All Time. Always. – Wednesday 14th July (out now)

Loki episode 6 spoilers

Don't read this section if you don't want to know the secrets of the Loki season one finale.

After a bombardment of fan theories left the WandaVision finale feeling a little flat for some fans, Loki episode six delivered everything its audience had been hoping for.

As Loki and Sylvie ventured into the mysterious castle at the end of time, they encountered the entity that has been pulling the strings of the TVA all along: Kang the Conqueror.

Only, this wasn't the cold and calculating villain that comic book fans have come to love but rather a more sympathetic variant whose misdeeds had been carried out with overall good intentions.

That wasn't enough to convince Sylvie to spare his life, as she thirsted for revenge after spending a miserable lifetime on the run due to the TVA's ruthless forces.

Jonathan Majors plays Kang The Conquerer / He Who Remains
Jonathan Majors plays Kang The Conqueror / He Who Remains Disney Plus

Kang The Conqueror is confirmed to be taking a lead role in the upcoming MCU film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, with Loki packing numerous hints and references towards his debut across the previous five episodes.

The final Loki episode also features another showdown between Mobius (Owen Wilson) and Judge Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), who heads on a quest to find the figure behind the TVA in a reference to her comic book counterpart.

As for the God of Mischief himself, Sylvie banishes him back to the TVA headquarters as she exacts her vengeance on Kang, but upon his arrival there he is stunned to find that Agent Mobius and Hunter B-15 have no recollection of him.
Expect this to be a major plot point in Loki season two, now confirmed to be on its way to Disney Plus.

How many episodes are in Loki?

Loki is comprised of six episodes in total, which have been released over a period of six weeks.

This is the same number as previous Marvel series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier but fewer than WandaVision's nine episodes. However, WandaVision's episodes mostly ran for around 20 minutes in order to emulate sitcoms – Loki's runtime is a longer 40-50 minutes.

When did Loki premiere on Disney Plus?

Marvel’s Loki premiered on Disney Plus on Wednesday 9th June 2021. However, unlike WandaVision, Loki launched with just one episode, leaving fans desperate for more.

The remaining episodes have been released every subsequent Wednesday, with the Loki finale being added this morning, on Wednesday 14th July.

The transmission of Loki has also overlapped with the release of Black Widow on 9th July (7th July in the UK), which is also available on Disney Plus through Premier Access.

It has been speculated that Loki's move to Wednesday was partly to prevent a clash with the long-awaited Scarlett Johansson blockbuster. Though obviously, in the UK it creates a bit of a clash anyway – the best laid plans.


Loki season one is streaming now exclusively on Disney Plus. You can sign up for £7.99 per month or £79.90 for a full year now. Want something else to watch? Visit our Sci-Fi and Fantasy pages or our full TV Guide.