While fans are unsurprisingly focused on the returns of David Tennant and Catherine Tate for this year's Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials, there are also plenty of new faces to get excited for.


As well as Yasmin Finney, who is joining as new character Rose, and Neil Patrick Harris, who is playing an undisclosed villain, Ruth Madeley is also joining the show in the mysterious role of Shirley Anne Bingham.

Madeley appeared on The One Show last night (Monday 24th July) and was asked about the role, and while she obviously couldn't give much away, she did appear to let slip one detail which makes her character even more intriguing.

Madeley said: "You're gonna love Shirley, you're gonna love the episodes, or episode, who knows. All I will say is, whatever questions you have my answer will be, 'guess'."

The key detail there was, of course, the mention of episodes - seemingly confirming that Shirley will be appearing across multiple of the three anniversary specials. Let the speculation continue as to how Shirley will factor in to the Doctor and Donna's new adventures...

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As we get closer and closer to the specials, more details are being released, with Tennant recently revealing that the versions of the Doctor and Donna that we will meet in the episodes may "not necessarily exactly the same versions of themselves as they were".

He explained: "The Doctor's been three different people in the meantime, so I’m not necessarily the same version of the Doctor that I was before. I’m not the Tenth Doctor now, I’m the Fourteenth. Well, strictly speaking we don’t know what the actual number is anymore, do we?"

Meanwhile, we also got our first look at the Fourteenth Doctor's brand-new sonic screwdriver, while it has been announced the novelisations of all three episodes - The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder and The Giggle - will be released in January.

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