How to vote on Dancing on Ice 2021

How to vote for your favourite contestant by app, phone or mobile.

Dancing on ice

The Dancing on Ice final is well and truly upon us, which means it’s now time for the public to make that ultimate decision on who should be crowned this year’s champ when they cast their vote this weekend.


Three contestants remain in the Dancing on Ice 2021 line-up, following a string of early exits and injuries.

Lady Leshurr became the latest contestant to be eliminated from the show in Week Seven, leaving Colin Jackson, Sonny Jay and Faye Brookes in the running to be crowned the 2021 winner.

This weekend, will see the contestants perform a Showcase skate, as well as their favourite from the competition, after which it will be up to the public to decide.

So, who will it be?

Fans can vote for free thanks to the Dancing on Ice app, available on Android and iOS devices, or alternatively can opt for the traditional mobile phone/landline option.

Read on for all the details on how to vote.

How can you vote in Dancing on Ice 2021?

There are three ways you can vote: by phone, mobile and via the app. You can no longer vote by text.

How to vote on the Dancing on Ice app

How do you download the Dancing on Ice app?

For Android devices click here to download the app, and click here to download Apple devices on iOS.

How many votes do you get on the Dancing on Ice app?

You get five votes on the app every single week for each device registered. You can register up to six different devices.

You cannot rollover votes for the next week, so make sure you use them all up each time to have the best chance of saving your favourite contestants on the series.

Is voting on the Dancing on Ice app free?

Yes, the five votes you get on each device or are completely free.

Full FAQs for voting for Dancing on Ice can be found here. 

How to vote for Dancing on Ice by mobile phone

As usual, each couple will be assigned a seven-digit number that fans can dial in order to vote.

The first five digits will be the same for everyone, but the final two will be specific to your chosen duo.

How much does a mobile phone vote cost?

Votes cost 35p.

Vote in Dancing on Ice by landline

Similar to the mobile voting, there will be a premium rate 09 telephone number to dial with two digits at the end that are specific to your chosen couple.

How much does a landline phone vote cost?

Votes cost 35p plus any network access charge.

Dancing On Ice: Golden Ticket rule explained

The brand new Golden Ticket rule will be present for the opening two weeks of the competition, allowing the judging panel to save one couple from each week from the first public vote.

The couple with the lowest overall scores from week one will face the couple with the lowest from week two in a skate-off, with the judges making the final call on which will be first to leave the series.

The Golden Ticket rule is only for the first two weeks of the competition and will be dropped for all subsequent performances, where every couple will be eligible for elimination.


The Dancing on Ice final will take place on ITV on Sunday, 14th March at 6pm. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.