It's safe to say that The Traitors season 2 winner Harry played a blinder of a game this season, nearly being knocked out at the final hurdle but managing to rely on his friendship with Mollie to pull him through to the finish line.


It was the nail-biting finale to end all finales, and although it looked as though Mollie would never forgive Harry for his betrayal, all is well between the pair, as their friendship continues to blossom outside of the confines of the traitorous reality show.

But will Harry stick to his promise of treating Mollie to a holiday to make up for the betrayal?

Chatting exclusively to at the Radio Times Covers Party 2024, Harry laughed: "I can't believe she said that. Because I asked her about it as well, she was like, 'I was just joking.' And I was like, 'Yeah, yeah.'"

He continued: "But I feel like she deserves something, she is amazing. And I mean, she didn't write my name down, so I owe her something. I don't know what that will be.

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"But I feel like personally, as a man and a man of my word, I will work hard to make my own money. Not the prize money, money that I earn through hard work, working like a donkey for the years, as my barber would say, and then I'll treat her in whichever way she wants to be treated."

As the two youngest players in the group, the pair became fast friends in the series, which only strengthened Harry's gameplay throughout the season as he evaded suspicion and retained Mollie's trust.

Even though Jaz had his concerns in the end game and voiced them, Mollie still couldn't vote for her friend – but did surprise viewers by initially going to write Harry's name on the slate board.

She rubbed it out and replaced it with Jaz, though, leading to Harry's big win - and the reveal that he was as a Traitor all along.

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Also speaking about his momentous win and how it felt to lie to Mollie, Harry said: "Yeah, I mean, it's like lying to your best friend, who likes lying to their best friend? So, obviously, I was worried. But at the same time, it was a game.

"I was there for my family. I said, the best way to put it and the thing I kept telling myself was, I formed these relationships over four, four and a half weeks. I've had people at home who have loved me for 22 years of my life unconditionally. This money not [only] changes my life, it changes theirs as well. So I just had to put it to the back of my mind.

"But when I was there in that moment, and it's just me and Molly, my family's not there, my other half's not there, so I haven't got the people to give me that confidence. And then I just felt so bad, so guilty.

"But luckily, she was amazing and telling me that it was just a game. If she could have done it, she would have, and we were all there to pay The Traitors and a Traitor won."

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