The highly-anticipated new season of The Apprentice airs tonight (Thursday 1st February) on BBC One, as the show celebrates 18 years on air.


As ever, viewers can expect to see 18 new candidates take on various tasks under the watchful eye of aides Karren Brady and Tim Campbell, with Claude Littner expected to return for the interview stage of the series.

Many fans will remember that it was actually Tim Campbell who was the show's very first winner - but what have all the other Apprentice champions been up to since securing an investment from Lord Alan Sugar?

As the next season of the show kicks off, here are all the Apprentice winners, from the show's very first champion Tim to the most recent champion, and what they're up to now – as well as which of the victors have been cut off.

The Apprentice winners: Who won past seasons and where are they now?

2023 - Marnie Swindells

The Apprentice candidate Marnie Swindells
The Apprentice candidate Marnie Swindells. BBC

Instagram: @marnieswindells

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Marnie Swindells impressed Lord Sugar with her business plan to set up her own boxing gym.

At the time of Lord Sugar's decision, he said: "It's a tough one, but Marnie, you're asking me to invest in something which is completely alien to me to be honest and you've never run a business before...

"...I've always been known to be a gambler, I've always been known to try new horizons so I'm going to try a new horizon… Marnie, you are going to be my business partner."

Marnie still works closely with Lord Sugar and in May 2023, the business magnate was appointed director of Bronx Boxing Limited, as per The Mirror.

2022 - Harpreet Kaur

The Apprentice candidate Harpreet Kaur
The Apprentice candidate Harpreet Kaur. BBC

Instagram: @harpsi_kaur

Dessert parlour owner Harpreet Kaur was named as Lord Sugar's business partner at the end of season 16.

In the final, Kaur beat Kathryn Louise Burn - who owns her own online pyjama brand - and secured the £250,000 investment in her dessert shop Barni's, which has now been rebranded as Oh So Yum!

Following her win, Kaur revealed her business partner sister isn’t going anywhere, after telling Lord Sugar she'd remove her sister, who is the co-founder of Barni's, if he only wanted to invest in her.

Harpreet is currently dating her fellow Apprentice star Akshay Thakrar, who came in fifth place on the show.

2019 – Carina Lepore

Carina The Apprentice
The Apprentice 2019 winner Carina

Instagram: @carinalepore

Lepore defeated recruitment consultant Scarlett Allen-Horton in the 15th season of The Apprentice.

Since winning The Apprentice, Carina has opened four branches of her Dough Artisan Bakehouse across the UK, including Herne Hill, Bromley, Beckenham and Shepherds Bush.

2018 – Sian Gabbidon

Sian Gabbidon, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)
Sian Gabbidon, The Apprentice

Instagram: @SianGabbidon

Following Gabbidon’s victory in 2018, Lord Sugar became a co-owner of her pre-existing swimwear and fashion business, Sian Marie Fashion, which since expanded to sell through ASOS.

Sian, who won the show in 2018, is believed to be the latest star to no longer be working with Lord Sugar in a long line of previous winners on the BBC show.

According to Companies House records, Lord Sugar ceased to be a director of Sian’s company as of April 2022.

The brand has since branched out into loungewear, which is stocked in ASDA.

2017 – Sarah Lynn and James White

Sarah Lynn

Lynn's Instagram: @mrs_sarah_lynn

White's Instagram: @james91white

Lord Sugar crowned two winners on the 2017 season of The Apprentice.

While Lynn invested in her personalised sweet business, Sweet City, White used the prize money to invest in his IT and infrastructure recruitment business.

2016 – Alana Spencer

Welsh businesswoman Spencer stormed to victory and was crowned the winner of The Apprentice in 2016.

She went on to launch a luxury cake business, Ridiculously Rich by Alana. She has since launched an Ambassador & Cakepreneur scheme, which allows those who've always wanted to run their own business to join the company and start their own Ridiculously Rich franchise.

2015 – Joseph Valente

Instagram: @mrjosephvalente

Valente used the prize money to invest in his plumbing company ImpraGas.

He is now the CEO of Trade Mastermind, a coaching company based in Peterborough which helps small businesses grow.

2014 – Mark Wright

Instagram: @wright_10

After being crowned the winner of season 10, Wright went on to found a digital marketing agency with Lord Sugar called Climb Online.

Wright won UK entrepreneur of the year in 2018 and was also listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

In November 2022, he sold his online marketing company for £10 million, with Lord Alan Sugar telling The Sun: "From acorns, big oak trees have grown. And this young lad who came with no money is now going back to Australia with millions."

2013 – Leah Totton

Instagram: @DrLeahTotton

Totton impressed Lord Sugar in the ninth season of The Apprentice and went on to win the show.

She then set up a chain of ethical cosmetic clinics with Lord Sugar and has since opened more branches of the Dr Leah Clinic in Essex and London.

2012 – Ricky Martin

Instagram: @rickymartin247

Martin was crowned winner of The Apprentice in 2011 and went on to run a science recruitment agency – Hyper Recruitment Solutions – following his victory.

He has also launched his own podcast, Recruit Ricky – How To Get Hired.

2011 – Tom Pellereau

Instagram: @Inventor_Tom

Pelleareau climbed his way to the top of The Apprentice season 8 in 2010, despite losing most challenges, and went on to receive a £250,000 investment in his invention Stylfile, a curved nail file.

He has since started the company Stylideas, which owns the brands Stylpro, Stylfile and Stylsmile.

2010 – Stella English

English won the 2010 season of The Apprentice, but her relationship with Lord Sugar soon turned sour.

English attempted to sue him for constructive dismissal after resigning from the £100,000-a-year job that was her prize for winning season 6 of the show, but the case was dismissed.

Talking to Lorraine Kelly and Aled Jones on Daybreak in 2020, English spoke about her resignation and its repercussions: "Despite [the high salary] I couldn’t actually physically stay there, because it was unbearable. I had no future there, I knew that’s why I resigned.

"I don’t regret going on the show because I won The Apprentice and I’m very proud of that.

"But I do regret obviously what I’ve had to go through and what my family have had to go through, and I’m very sad the repercussions that it’s had."

She continued: "However I will stand by it, I’ve spoken the truth and I’ve stood up for myself and I‘ve had to pay for it dearly but I will never apologise for it."

English went on to work as a Management Consultant at computer giant HP, before she began hosting Crowdbox TV, a crowdfunding TV channel, in 2014.

2009 Yasmina Siadatan

Crowned winner of The Apprentice in 2009, Siadatan went on to join Lee McQueen at Amscreen, but left the following year after becoming pregnant and didn’t return.

She was then headhunted by Dragon’s Den star James Caan before setting up her own start-up loans company.

She currently helps run a fintech company called Dynamic Planner based in Reading.

2008 – Lee McQueen

Lee McQueen PA
Leo McQueen

Instagram: @lee.mcqueen

McQueen won The Apprentice season 4 despite a series of grave errors on the show, including lying on his CV – and went on to work for Lord Sugar’s healthcare company Amscreen.

McQueen left the company in 2010 to start his own recruitment agency, Raw Talent Agency, and is currently the founder and CEO of Phoenix 51, a talent assessment platform.

2007 – Simon Ambrose

Simon Ambrose PA
Simon Ambrose

Instragram: @simonambrose

After defeating Katie Hopkins and winning The Apprentice in 2007, Ambrose landed a job with Lord Sugar at his property company Armsprop before leaving to start up his own property development firm in 2010.

It was reported in 2015 that Ambrose was putting his business skills to use in a different sector, and that he was planning to open a number of bars and restaurants in London.

Simon has other hidden talents too, and he is believed to be serving as a chairman of the London Contemporary orchestra.

2006 – Michelle Dewberry

Instagram: @michelledewbs

Dewberry won the competition in 2006 and landed a job at Lord Sugar’s tech company Xenon Green.

However, she quit after just a few months and started a business consultancy.

She also published a book in 2007 and became a columnist for magazine Business Matters in 2009.

Dewberry also dabbled in politics after her stint on The Apprentice, standing as an independent pro-Brexit candidate in the 2017 general election in Hull West and Hessle. She joined GB News as a presenter in 2021.

2005 – Tim Campbell

The Apprentice aide Tim Campbell
The Apprentice aide Tim Campbell BBC

Instagram: @timcampbell_mbe

Tim was the first ever winner of the BBC One business-based reality TV series back in 2005, bagging a £100,000-a-year job with Lord Sugar's firm Amstrad.

However, he departed from Amstrad two years later to found the Bright Ideas Trust, a charity which helped young people to set up their own businesses. It has since dissolved.

Tim is also the co-author of one of Amazon's Top 10 business books for 2010, What's Your Bright Idea?.

What's more, in 2012, Tim received an MBE for Enterprise Culture and currently runs his own digital marketing agency called Marketing Runner.

He has since joined The Apprentice as one of Lord Alan Sugar's aides, stepping in for Claude Littner.

The Apprentice season 18 premieres on Thursday 1st February on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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