After 12 long weeks of challenges, Harpreet Kaur from West Yorkshire was named as Lord Alan Sugar's newest business partner on The Apprentice.


It comes after the 30-year-old competed against Kathryn Louise Burn in the final, which saw her rebranding and pitching her dessert business to Lord Sugar and his team of advisors.

During the interview stage of the show, Sugar's advisors – in particular Claude Littner, who returned following a serious bike accident – had expressed concerns about Harpreet's business Barni's, which she co-founded with her sister.

However, Harpreet told Lord Sugar that she'd remove her sister from the business if he only wanted to invest in her.

So, with Harpreet's £250,000 investment on the way, does that mean her sister will be out of a job?

Speaking to and other press following her win, Harpreet said of her sister: "She ain't going nowhere!"

She added: "So in the interviews episode, you'll notice there wasn't really any question or flaws that were picking up on the actual business plan. They never went into figures and never went into anything, because we've got an amazing proposal.

"Obviously Lord Sugar couldn't see my sister, so it was a difficult decision for him, but at the end of the day, we've been running the company for six years and we've got it to the point it's at together.

"He's getting two for the price of one, so why would you not want that? She ain't going anywhere! We make an amazing team and we're going to be a powerhouse with Lord Sugar on board as well."

The Apprentice 2022 contestants
Harpreet with her fellow The Apprentice 2022 contestants BBC

On The Apprentice, two endings are filmed with both finalists essentially winning, and the decision is only revealed to the candidates ahead of the final air date.

Harpreet continued: "There's no acting, but at the end, you do have to film two alternates where I'm hired or Kathyrn's hired, and then we recently found out who was the actual real winner, so it's been a long wait since.

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"We've both just been working really hard on the businesses since then. You're almost in limbo for a while until we find out what's going on. So it's just been amazing to finally have that closure."

The business owner is now looking forward to sitting down with Lord Sugar and introducing her to his other business partner - her sister Gurvinder.

She added: "We've not sat down or really had a meeting just yet, because obviously it's all very fresh and he spends a lot of time in the US, so I'm really hoping that he can come back and let's see what he makes of my sister Gurv. I'm sure he'll like her. She's amazing!"

The Apprentice is expected to return to BBC One next year. Episodes can be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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