If you haven't already binged all 11 episodes of Selling Sunset season six, then you're probably deep in all the drama from the girls and twin bosses from LA's Oppenheim Group, or about to tuck into what was arguably one of their most dramatic seasons yet!


While pretty much everyone found themselves in some sort of beef - from Chelsea Lazkani and new girl Bre Tiesi, who is one of Nick Cannon's six baby mothers, to Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause, who ended up accusing Young of being on drugs, which she denied - there was one person who managed to stay out of all the chaos. In fact, she managed to stay out of most of the work meetings, open house parties, and even the cast trip to Palm Springs...

And no, we're not talking about Christine Quinn who left after season five, but rather Davina Potratz who is very much still a part of the Selling Sunset cast, however, had literally no storyline at all for season six and said about four lines all season.

So, where exactly was Davina this season? Why wasn't she featured as heavily as the other girls? And will we see her on season 7?

Read on for everything we know.

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Where was Davina Potratz on Selling Sunset season 6?

Selling Sunset season 6 cast
Selling Sunset season 6 cast Netflix

It's not quite known why Davina didn't feature as much on season 6 of Selling Sunset.

While she was definitely there, and can be seen sitting at her desk in the office, Davina was noticeably absent from a lot of the scenes and conversations this season right from the opening scene where all the girls introduced themselves, starting with Chrishell who said: "I know people think I'm having a midlife crisis, but I'm having an awakening."

It ended with new girl Bre, saying: "I'm kind of a mirror. Whatever you give me is what you're going to get. I mean business, I'm about business, I'm about to f**k this s**t up!"

Despite this, Davina appeared in the first episode and can be seen talking about Bre joining the brokerage while at the office.

Asked if anyone knew anything about Tiesi, Davina said: "She just had a baby with Nick Cannon... My friend actually worked with Nick and said the most amazing things about him, so I'm like, 'Maybe she's awesome!'"

At which point Chelsea said: "So she's awesome because her partner's awesome?"

Davina appeared later in the episode at Emma's open house, but again only briefly as Heather questioned Amanza about her new, pink wig.

"At least you can switch out your styles," she commented.

"You can switch out your styles too!" Chelsea said. "It just means you need more Black friends."

Davina appears in a few of the other episodes, and also attends Heather's baby shower in episode 10. However, didn't attend the girls trip to Palm Springs in episode 7, despite this trip being specifically for all the cast to bond.

But, perhaps the most confusing thing is we don't actually see her selling any homes this season and in episode 2 when Jason gathers the girls for a staff meeting, everyone including newbies Bre and Nicole share details on their listings and sales, but we don't hear from Davina at all.

This is particularly odd, considering D was the agent on the infamous $75 million home, owned by Adnan Sen. Although it didn't sell, Davina was one of the top agents at the OG and was known for making many multi-million dollar deals. So, it's a bit of shame that we didn't get to see what she was up to this season work wise.

Davina previously left the agency to join Douglas Elliman, however, she asked for her job back in season 4 and returned.

Following the release of season 6, Davina shared a post on Twitter asking viewers what they thought, and most had something to say about her limited scenes.

"I miss your presence. Always my favouyrite out of the originals. Keep thriving and living your life free of chaos!" one fan wrote. Davina didn't explain her reduced role, but she did like the comment.

"It needs more of you queen," another wrote.

"You look so beautiful! Season 6 was wild and so much drama! Although it was very entertaining to watch! I wish there was more of you!" a third added.

Will Davina appear in Selling Sunset season 7?

We don't know for sure, but she doesn't appear in the the season 7 preview which aired at the end of season 6.

While Chrishell, Emma, Chelsea, Bre, Nicole, Heather, Mary,A manza Smith, as well Jason and his new girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk can be seen in the clip, there is no sight of Davina.

But, considering we didn't see much of her in season six, but she was technically still in it, who knows!

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