Why Davina has quit Selling Sunset’s The Oppenheim Group and what it means for season 4

Davina has left The Oppenheim Group for a new job opportunity!

Davina Potratz

We couldn’t believe what we were seeing when we found out Selling Sunset‘s Davina Potratz had quit The Oppenheim Group.


The real estate agent confirmed the news in an interview, revealing she’d be joining rival Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills.

“I’m really excited to be a part of Douglas Elliman and their very sophisticated and global new development division,” Potratz told PEOPLE. “My background is in new development sales and marketing, so this is just a wonderful opportunity for me. It’s just very in tune with my skills.”

Throughout the Netflix series, Davina has certainly made her mark. She’s been at the centre of arguments with Mary Fitzgerald and her husband Romain Bonnet, and her biggest storyline has seen her trying to sell a $75 million home despite criticism over the hefty price tag.

So, why on earth would she want to leave The Oppenheim Group? And will she still be in Selling Sunset season four?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why did Davina leave The Oppenheim Group?

Davina’s departure was “purely business decision”. The real estate agent had connections at Douglas Elliman and they presented her with an offer that she just couldn’t refuse.

“It’s not that I wanted to leave, but I had a great opportunity. It was a purely business decision,” she said.

And it seems there’s no bad blood between her and The Oppenheim Group boss Jason Oppenheim, who wished her well upon her departure.

“Davina has always been a tremendous asset and a valued agent at the Oppenheim Group, and she is also a friend whose career decisions I very much respect and support,” he said.

Davina is yet to tell the Selling Sunset cast – Chrishell Stause, Christine Quinn, Maya Vander, Mary Fitzgerald, Amanza Smith and Heather Rae Young – but she’s certain they’ll be sympathetic to her decision.

She added: “We all know each other so well. So I think they’ll be excited and supportive.”

Selling Sunset season 4
Selling Sunset

Will Davina be in Selling Sunset Season 4?

One thing many want to know is if Davina will be returning to the Netflix series now she has a new job.


Although season four hasn’t been confirmed just yet, it’s looking very likely that we could see Davina back on Selling Sunset.

She definitely has no plans to leave, saying: “I certainly hope that I’m still part of the cast.”

Referring to Jason’s brother Brett Oppenheim – who is said to have also left the company – she added: “Brett is not at the Oppenheim Group anymore either, so I don’t think that that’s going to be an issue at all.”

What does Davina’s move mean for Selling Sunset season 4?

Selling Sunset: Christine's engagement party
Davina, Christine Quinn and Heather

Judging by Davina’s move, it sounds like season four of the popular Netflix show could look a lot different.

It’s no secret Davina and Mary’s husband Romain don’t get on after she made fun of him giving Mary a cheaper ring when he first proposed.

Now Mary and Davina are technically rivals working for different brokerages, will they be battling it out to bag the biggest listings in the hills?

And then, could Romain kick off again like he did at the pool party if D lands it instead of wifey?

As well as this, Christine Quinn and Davina are pretty close, and the former has previously hinted she might also want to leave The Oppenheim Group (and the show, to have her very own spin off – but that’s another story).

During an interview, Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn suggested that she wasn’t happy with the workplace politics at The OG and that, if she were to leave, it’d be to work in an all-female environment.

She said: “I like having that dynamic but it needs to have a little bit of healing, and mend itself first. If I ever saw myself leaving, it would be to work with only women.”

With Davina gone, could Christine’s mind be swayed? Or could Davina go as far as poach Christine to come and work with her?

We thought season three was explosive, but anything could happen in season four. Bring it on!

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