At last, Made in Chelsea is back on our screens for its momentous 27th season - and there's no shortage of drama in the new episodes to come, that's for certain.


As well as a host of new and returning faces, the fresh run continues to follow our SW3 residents as they reckon with life, love and everything in between.

Well, things aren't exactly looking plain-sailing for Tristan and Lauren in tonight's episode, as can exclusively reveal in a new teaser clip (above).

The video for tonight's episode reveals the pair having an honest conversation in a restaurant, and Lauren reveals that they haven't actually spoken since her birthday.

Tristan admits that he wanted to take a step back and can "read the signs", saying that it's "hard" because he's got feelings for Lauren but they're clearly not on the same page about things.

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"I just feel like there's this pressure on it," Lauren says, as she outlines the fact that she's not as clear on her feelings as Tristan. "I'm sorry if that's hard to hear," she continues.

Lauren gets teary as she admits that she could be scared of getting close to someone and is "terrified" of getting in a relationship.

Lauren Sintes pictured for Made in Chelsea. She is wearing a long green dress and has her hands to the side.
Lauren Sintes pictured for Made in Chelsea. Channel 4

Tristan says that there's clearly a wall up with Lauren and she agrees, saying that she is trying to figure out how she feels and doesn't want Tristan to feel "dragged through it".

But will Lauren be able to reach a decision about her future with Tristan sooner rather than later?

We'll just have to wait and see if they manage to patch things up and get on the same page again, but the pair haven't had the easiest of times since Lauren's arrival in Chelsea.

When she initially entered the show, Lauren dated friends Harvey and Tristan and then devoted her time to Tristan. But things didn't bode well for them after Tristan and ex-girlfriend Olivia had a secret dinner, which Lauren wasn't happy about.

Fast-forward to Made in Chelsea: Sydney and all was right again with the couple, as Lauren even organised a yacht day to celebrate Tristan's birthday and they grew increasingly close when away in Australia.

It seems as though the romance Down Under hasn't followed them back to London, though, as they're clearly struggling to see eye-to-eye about things. And that's not the only relationship that's on the rocks in the new season.

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Reza had previously admitted he could see himself marrying Ruby, but ultimately Ruby couldn't see the same future on the cards.

Similarly, there's also set to be a fair share of drama playing out with Sam and Yas, with the future of the couple in the air after last night's premiere episode saw some fiery confrontation.

Oh, the drama is certainly back! We'll just have to keep our eyes peeled for any romantic bliss (or eventual break-ups).

Made in Chelsea continues on E4 at 9pm on Tuesday 16th April.


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