James and Maeva's marital struggles were laid bare in tonight's episode of Made in Chelsea, with the newlyweds butting heads over a difference of opinion.


Late last year, James Taylor and Maeva D'Ascanio tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony, and in season 27 of the reality series, the pair have been candid about the issues they have been facing as a married couple.

When asked how life is for them now, Maeva said: "We love each other, we're super happy to be married, but after the wedding, you go back to your life and it is the same thing."

James noted that most couples go on a honeymoon after their wedding, but they hadn't been on theirs, suggesting a possible cause for their rift.

Maeva fired back: "You know what he said to me the other day? 'You haven't touched me in a month.' Yes... I'm tired, I'm dead. I'm not thinking about your desire, your emotions."

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James then joked, "So you're saying sleep equals sex, so if I give you more sleep, I get more sex?" to which Maeva replied: "Yes! Anyway, marriage is good."

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In another scene, the pair spoke further about their issue, and Maeva admitted she needs a nanny and help from James with their one-year-old son.

Later on in the episode, Sam Prince asked James what it's like to be married, to which the newlywed explained that to solve his ongoing issue, he was going to set up a meeting with a few nannies as well as a sex therapist to avoid it "snowballing into a problem".

The big event then arrived, Lauren's birthday! In a conversation with Yas Zweegers and Sam, the latter told Maeva that James mentioned getting a sex therapist, which was news to her ears.

"This is the first time that I hear this sex therapist thing," Maeva said. "[He] never mentioned to me that we needed a sex therapist."

Maeva D'Ascanio looking shocked in the middle of a party. She is wearing a glittery dress with her hair falling on her shoulders and mouth opened wide,
Maeva D'Ascanio. Channel 4

This did not end well when Maeva approached James. She told her husband: "I'm not going to lie to you, James, when people [say], 'How is married life?' It's s**t."

"But that's embarrassing for me to hear, because it's not just s**t. No, you're tired."

When James explained that they were going to a sex therapist, Maeva said that she didn't want to.

"You really need to stop being like this. It's so irritating, all the time. Just because you don't have enough sex in your life, you act like a [does an imitation of a dog]. Stop! I hate this."

Made in Chelsea returns to Channel 4 at 9pm on Monday 15th April.


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