Sam Prince and Yas Zweegers haven't had an easy journey on Made in Chelsea, although what went down in Corsica saw their relationship blossom - but it appears things may not be smooth for long.


The 27th season of Made in Chelsea premiered on E4 tonight, and while Sam and Yas seemed to be making a real go of things, the teaser for tomorrow's episode suggests a spanner has been thrown in the works.

In the teaser, Yas speaks with Sam and asks him what happened, to which he responds: "I was so hammered and went back to her house... I don't know her name, Yasmine."

Whose name? Well, we have yet to find out.

Sam Prince and Yas Zweegers posing arm in arm for Made in Chelsea. Sam is wearing a tuxedo while Yas is wearing a black sparkly dress
Sam Prince and Yas Zweegers. Rachel Joseph/Channel 4

In a further discussion with Sam, Ruby and Rez, Yas tells the others: "We were not in a good place, we weren't together."

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Ruby then interjects to say that nobody knew they weren't together at the time, suggesting the couple were on a break.

Leaving viewers wanting more, the teaser ends with Yas saying: "I'm not a mug, I don't need a man that's a cheater."

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As for what this means for the couple is unclear, especially given they appear to be in high spirits across their social media channels, suggesting that whatever issue is about to unfold, they have clearly gotten over it.

The couple are still posting about one another and even host a joint podcast, All Things Delicious. The podcast launched earlier this year and they are currently recording episodes.

Viewers will have to wait and see how their relationship develops as season 27 of Made in Chelsea continues.

Made in Chelsea continues on E4 at 9pm on Tuesday 16th April.


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