After eight weeks of coupling up and dumping, the winners of Love Island were finally revealed.


The series kicked off on Monday, June 28th, and introduced us to the first set of Love Island 2021 contestants. Over the weeks, more bombshells entered the villa and new couples were formed.

Just four couples remained in the running to bag the £50,000 cash prize - Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank, Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran, Millie Court and Liam Reardon, and Faye Winter and Teddy Soares.

But, who managed to come out on top? And did they split the £50,000 cash prize? share live coverage of the Love Island 2021 final.

22:43: And there goes series seven of Love Island. The show got off to a slower start than usual this year, but soon picked up with some bombshell arrivals (thank you, Tyler) and the return of Casa Amor. We now we have our seventh winners of the ITV2 dating show, and the entire series seven gang will be back together for one last time on the Love Island reunion show, and it might be a little bit of a wait, but Laura confirmed the show will be back for series eight in 2022 - bring on the new islanders!

22:34: It would have been some very juicy payback, but as the good sport she is, Millie splits the cash, saying she did it for "love." We guess it would be a little awkward if she just left her boyfriend penniless after the whole experience and just enjoyed the money all to herself.

22:33: Laura asks Millie and Liam to both pick an envelope, however, only one envelope contains the £50,000 cash prize. Millie opens her envelope and she has the prize money and now has to decide if she'll keep it all to herself or give Liam half. So, what's she going to do?

22:32: But were they in it for love or money?

22:31: It's Millie and Liam. Congratulations, guys!

22:30 - As Chloe and Toby and Liam and Millie stand on each side of Laura, the host finally reveals this year's champs...

22:28 - The moment we've all be waiting for has finally arrived, but who will be this year's winner.

22:24 - And there's another official couple in the final, as Liam asks Millie to be his girlfriend in front of the live audience. Oh that's going to be a hard proposal for future contestants to compete with!

22:19 - That just leaves Millie and Liam. After a video montage of their time in the villa (and that moment with Lillie Haynes is shown) Laura questions them about their relationship.

22:16 - With just over 10 minutes left till we find out who the winners are, Laura gets chatting to the last two couples. First she asks Chloe what she thought of Toby when she first met him, and Chloe admits she always had eyes for him but thought he was a bit young. Laura then asks Toby what's next, and he says he wants to go on holiday "but marriage I suppose" as the duo laugh.

22:08 - We're now down to our final two couples. Will it be Chloby or Milliam? Our money is on Chloby!

22:03 - It's none other than Feddy! The pair sit down with Laura, as she goes over their Love Island journey, at which point Faye admits she didn't handle movie night properly. Fair play.

Asked what's next for the two of them, Faye says: "First things first, Teddy is going to get a pair of wellies and I'm going to leave Devon!"

22:02 - It's now time to reveal the couple in third place. But is it Chloe and Toby, Liam and Millie, or Faye and Teddy?

21:56 - It's Kaz and Tyler! They might not have won the show, but they certainly found something in each other with Tyler revealing he wanted his next relationship to be his last, so he's going to do what he can to make things work. We love to see it!

21:50 - Following a video montage of this year's show, including clips of this year's former contestants such as Hugo himself, Toby struggling to make up his mind whether he likes Kaz, Chloe, Abi, or Mary, Casa Amor, and that dreadful movie night, Laura reveals the vote has now closed. So, who's come in fourth place...

21:42 - FINAL CALL as voting closes in just over seven minutes. Make sure you have your say!

21:39 - Back to the live show and Laura chats to the finalists.

"It's early doors but it's definitely my favourite," Chloe gushes about her new relationship with Toby.

Laura then asks Faye and Teddy if they thought they'd make it to the end. "Never in a million years. It is thanks to this one for sticking by me," Faye says.

Kaz reminisces about her time in the villa as Tyler looks to the future, while Millie and Liam talk about dropping the L-bomb. "When you feel a certain way you havd to say it," Millie explains.

21:38 - It's now time for the islanders to show off their salsa moves, although it doesn't last very long with the finalists jumping into the pool - as is Love Island tradition.

21:37 - But his speech isn't over yet, as Toby pops the big question and asks Chloe to be his girlfriend... and she says YES!

Toby asks Chloe to be his girlfriend
Toby asks Chloe to be his girlfriend ITV

21:34 - Last but not least it's Chloe and Toby, although Chlo can't seem to quite get her words out as she keeps laughing when she looks at him.

She finally manages to get herself together, saying: "You know exactly how to look after me and you know exactly how to make me happy."

Toby is now feeling very nervous as he reads his speech. He tells her he's addicted to her, at which point Chloe cheers: "Yeah!" You've got to love these two!

21:32 - Kaz tells Tyler her journey in the villa began with him, as they look forward to the future. "My fair lady, cast your mind back to the moment I entered the villa," Tyler says, as he recalls special moments in their Love Island journey. He ends his speech by saying "I am yours Kaz and I will always be yours," as he thanks her for forgiving him for "messing up" during Casa Amor.

21:29 - Next up is Faye and Teddy. As she thanks him for sticking by her, Faye gets pretty emotional. "All I have to say is thank you for making me your girlfriend, Teddy. I'm looking forward to our future and never taking it steady," she says.

Teddy then delivers his speech, calling her "a beautiful pain in my a***" and an "independent woman."

"I will be yours in sorrow, laughter and love," he concludes.

Kaz at the Love Island 2021 final
Love Island 2021 final ITV

21:25 - The ball resumes with Millie and Liam first up to deliver their declarations.

"Seven weeks ago I walked into this villa not knowing what my journey was going to hold," Millie begins, before bringing up the infamous Casa Amor moment, which she says left her feeling "Millie moody."

"Millie Moo, I'd like to take us on a trip down memory lane to the moment we first met," Liam says, before revealing he's absolutely "in love" with Millie. Too Cute.

21:20 - The islanders pop open a bottle of champagne as they cheers to their final night in the villa.

21:19 - First in is Millie in an emerald number, followed by Kaz in a pastel coloured dress, Faye is in a rust cut out ensemble, and Chloe is in royal blue. And do they look smoking or what!

21:18 - It's time for the ball and the boys are suited and booted, while they wait for their girls to arrive. Looking good Ty Ty!

21:17 - The girls get writing, as they chill poolside and Kaz declares that they have nothing to hold back anymore.

21:16 - Liam reveals the last time he used a pen was when he was 16 (five years ago), as Toby asks how to spell wellies. Sounds like the girls are in for a lovely treat with these speeches.

21:14 - The boys have been asked to write declarations of love for their girls. So, what is Liam writing? "Declarations of love, my beautiful Millie" he says. Not quite sure he's understood the assignment here.

21:08 - The girls head out on a relaxing spa day ahead of the Summer Ball.

Love Island 2021 final
Love Island 2021 final ITV

21:07 - Chloe and Toby and Kaz and Tyler are taking the dancing very seriously, however. Guys, Strictly Come Dancing is later this year, and the 2021 line-up has already been announced.

21:05 - The islanders are learning how to salsa ahead of the Summer Ball and some couples might need some WD-4o - ahem, Liam and Millie and Teddy and Faye!

21:04 - Forget the live show for a second, as we're shown the islanders' last day in the villa, and it looks like the boys might have finally aced those iced coffees!

21:03 - And we're live! Laura Whitmore is in the house and the finalists are on the stage. Viewers now have one more chance to vote for their favourite couple. Voting closes later in tonight's show.

20:59 - Here. We. Go! The last 95 minutes of series seven. What ever will we do with our lives now?

20:45 - Just 15 minutes to go... Get your snacks in and fill those Love Island water bottles up, as tonight's episode is an hour and 35 minutes long!

20:36 - So, what can we expect from tonight's final? As usual the islanders will have a Summer Ball where they'll perform a dance routine. They will then each declare their love for one another in some speeches as they enjoy their last night in the villa. Parts of the show will be live, with the show's host Laura Whitmore speaking to the finalists directly from the villa in Mallorca, plus viewers will get one last chance to vote for their favourite couple via the Love Island app, before Laura reveals the winner.

20:11 - In case you missed it, here's a final first look at tonight's show, which features the Love Island 2021 contestants looking pretty dapper at the Summer Ball.

20:00 - Welcome to our live Love Island blog! The final episode is just ONE HOUR away, which means it won't be long before we find out who this year's winners are. Ahead of the final, we ran an exclusive poll to find out who viewers think should take home the £50,000 cash prize, and Love Island fans predicted that Kaz and Tyler could win the 2021 series. Only time will tell...


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