ITV's Love Island is quickly moving towards its final stretch – and things have been getting really heated in recent episodes.


The movie night challenge led to something of an explosive situation, with Faye Winter reacting badly to the clips and ending her relationship with Teddy Soares as a result.

Faye and Teddy had previously been considered amongst the favourites to win the series, but it looks like there's no way back for them now – while there are still a number of couples in contention for the top prize.

While we're all thirsty for the drama, it's important to stay actually hydrated as well – which is where the Love Island water bottle comes in handy.

The famous bottle has been changed up a little for the 2021 series, and you'll no doubt have noticed the Love Island 2021 contestants drinking from the new sleek, matte white water bottle throughout the series.

The double-walled stainless steel design means islanders can now enjoy both hot and cold beverages from the water bottle. All they have to do is just twist on the flip straw lid for cold drinks or the hook carabiner lid for something hotter.

With a number of the Casa Amor 2021 cast having now entered the Love Island villa, we'll be seeing a whole load of personalised water bottles dotted around the place – but the water bottles aren't just for the contestants.

Love Island host Laura Whitmore recently showed off her personalised bottle on her Instagram page.

And viewers can get one, too!

Read on for how you can get your hands on your very own water bottle, so you can sip along while watching in true Love Island style.

How to buy the Love Island water bottle

The good news is that the new bottle is available for you to personalise and purchase from and via the programme app.

The new water bottle, which holds hot and cold drinks, costs £20, and your name can be written on it in any of the three available colours (pink, orange and blue).

Since going on sale in 2017 hundreds of thousands of official Love Island Water Bottles have been sold but this year they’ve got a brand new look.

Will van Rest, ITV Director of Games, Live & Merchandise said: “The Love Island Water Bottle is one of the most recognisable items on any TV show and has been a runaway success with viewers. This year we’ve given them a refresh and they’ll be back in the Villa and available for fans to purchase to welcome back the show of the summer.”

How to buy other Love Island merchandise

Fans of the show will also be able to get their hands on more new merch this year, including a personalised Love Island tote bag (coming soon).

Returning to the shop are the washbags, robes, large and cabin-sized suitcases, baby bottles and phone cases which are, of course, all possible to personalise in the famous Love Island font. As well as a range of colourful branded re-usable cups that you’ll also see the islanders using.

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And if you've been a long-time fan of Love Island, don't worry, you can still purchase the classic clear bottles on the website above.

We'll have one of each, thanks!

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