Just like its predecessors, True Detective: Night Country boasts a brilliant cast.


Hollywood veteran Jodie Foster and professional boxer Kali Reis are at the helm of the series, which centres on an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of eight men from a research station in Alaska.

They're also backed up by a stellar supporting cast in the latest season of True Detective, which includes plenty of familiar faces.

So, who else stars in True Detective: Night Country? Read on for everything you need to know about the show's cast including character profiles and earlier credits.

True Detective: Night Country cast – Full list of actors and characters in season 4

Here are the main cast members and characters in True Detective: Night Country. Read on below for more info about who they are and where you've seen the actors before.

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  • Jodie Foster as Liz Danvers
  • Kali Reis as Evangeline Navarro
  • Finn Bennett as Peter Prior
  • Fiona Shaw as Rose Aguineau
  • Christopher Eccleston as Ted Corsaro
  • Isabella Star LaBlanc as Leah Danvers
  • John Hawkes as Hank Prior
  • Anna Lambe as Kayla Malee
  • Aka Niviâna as Julia Navarro
  • Joel D Montgrand as Eddie Qavvik

Kali Reis plays Evangeline Navarro

Kali Reis wears winter gear and leans against a snow-covered police car in True Detective: Night Country
Kali Reis stars in True Detective: Night Country. HBO

Who is Evangeline Navarro? Evangeline was once an officer of the Alaska police force, but transferred to being a state trooper some years ago under mysterious circumstances. An unsolved case from her past regarding the murder of a local Indigenous woman continues to haunt her. The seemingly connected disappearance of a group of scientists from a research facility in Ennis could provide the closure she has been desperately seeking.

What else has Kali Reis been in? Reis is best known as a professional boxer, where she has won 19 of 27 fights in total, earning several welterweight and middleweight titles. She has recently transitioned to acting, starting with 2021 indie film Catch The Fair One (which earned her an Independent Spirit Award nomination) and last year's less impressive thriller Black Flies. Despite being relatively new to the screen, Reis' performance in Night Country has been highly praised.

Jodie Foster plays Liz Danvers

Jodie Foster has a shocked facial expression as she looks at her phone in a scene from True Detective: Night Country
Jodie Foster stars in True Detective: Night Country HBO

Who is Liz Danvers? Liz is a jaded, sarcastic and demanding police chief working for the local force in Ennis, Alaska. She has an adoptive daughter called Leah, but their relationship is strained by Liz's disrespect for her Indigenous heritage.

Instead, the officer spends more time with her young mentee, Peter, often making unreasonable demands for his time. When a group of scientists go missing from a nearby arctic research centre, she is called to assess the crime scene – and eventually seeks estranged former colleague Evangeline Navarro for help on the case.

What else has Jodie Foster been in? Jodie Foster is one of Hollywood's most established names, with roles in such iconic films as Freaky Friday, Taxi Driver, Silence of the Lambs and The Accused. More recent credits include acclaimed sports drama Nyad, legal drama The Mauritanian and sci-fi thriller Elysium. She has only recently returned from a break in her acting career, where she instead shifted focus to directing across film and television.

Fiona Shaw plays Rose Aguineau

Fiona Shaw wears full winter gear for a scene from True Detective: Night Country
Fiona Shaw stars in True Detective: Night Country HBO

Who is Rose Aguineau? Rose is an enigmatic figure who lives alone in a remote part of Ennis. She claims to be able to see the dead and thus appears unfazed by whichever problems other people bring to her.

What else has Fiona Shaw been in? Shaw played cruel aunt Petunia Dursley in the Harry Potter film series, before going on to a celebrated run on spy thriller Killing Eve. Since that show wrapped up, she has been seen on acclaimed Star Wars spin-off Andor, Baptiste season 2 and Netflix's Enola Holmes.

Christopher Eccleston plays Ted Corsaro

Christopher Eccleston wears a suit and coat in a police station in a scene from True Detective: Night Country
Christopher Eccleston stars in True Detective: Night Country. HBO

Who is Ted Corsaro? Ted is a police captain from a neighbouring jurisdiction to Ennis, which boasts greater resources than the remote town can offer. He is sceptical that Liz will be able to solve the case, although his view could be clouded by the nature of their personal relationship.

What else has Christopher Eccleston been in? Eccleston played an integral part in relaunching Doctor Who in 2005, playing the Ninth Doctor opposite Billie Piper's Rose Tyler. Previously, he had earned acclaim for his role in BBC drama Our Friends in the North, while he has since starred in The Leftovers, The A Word and Dodger. On the big screen, he is known for playing Malekith in Thor: The Dark World and Charles Stewart in The Others.

Finn Bennett plays Peter Prior

Liz Danvers and Peter Prior sitting in her office at the Ennis police station
Jodie Foster and Finn Bennett star in True Detective: Night Country. HBO

Who is Peter Prior? Peter is a young man following in his father's footsteps by joining the police force. Somewhat awkwardly, he is partnered up with chief Liz Danvers, who at one point had a relationship with his dad. Nevertheless, he is highly dedicated to the job and carries out her demanding requests without question. This puts strain on his relationship with his wife, Kayla, and their infant son.

What else has Finn Bennett been in? This is the biggest role in Bennett's screen career to date, but he has previously made appearances in Domina, The Nevers and ITV drama Liar.

Isabella Star LaBlanc plays Leah Danvers

Leah attends a protest against a local mine
Isabella Star LaBlanc in True Detective: Night Country. HBO

Who is Leah Danvers? Leah is the adoptive daughter of Liz Danvers, who came into the police chief's care after her biological father passed away. She is keen to embrace her Indigenous roots, but these wishes are frequently disrespected by Liz, causing tension and possible estrangement in their relationship.

What else has Isabella Star LaBlanc been in? LaBlanc has previously appeared in sports drama Long Slow Exhale and horror film Pet Sematary: Bloodlines.

John Hawkes plays Hank Prior

Hank Prior attends a crime scene in a kitchen setting
John Hawkes stars in True Detective: Night Country HBO

Who is Hank Prior? Hank is Pete's father and a fellow officer on the Alaskan police force. He dislikes how much time his son spends with Liz, his former lover, and is anticipating the arrival of a Russian bride he has been communicating with on the internet.

What else has John Hawkes been in? Hawkes is known for playing Sol Star on the Western drama Deadwood and Dustin Powers on Eastbound & Down. His film projects include such acclaimed fare as Three Billboards, Everest, Lincoln, The Sessions, Contagion, Winter's Bone and American Gangster.

Aka Niviâna plays Julia Navarro

Aka Niviâna photographed on the red carpet of True Detective: Night Country
Aka Niviâna photographed on the red carpet of True Detective: Night Country Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Who is Julia Navarro? Julia is Evangeline's little sister, who suffers from severe mental health problems. She recently moved to Ennis to be closer to her family.

What else has Aka Niviâna been in? Night Country marks Niviâna's first major screen role.

Joel D Montgrand plays Eddie Qavvik

Joel D Montgrand photographed on the red carpet of True Detective: Night Country
Joel D Montgrand photographed on the red carpet of True Detective: Night Country Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

Who is Eddie Qavvik? Eddie is a friend and occasional lover to Evangeline.

What else has Joel D Montgrand been in? Montgrand has previously made small appearances in the likes of iZombie, Altered Carbon and Legends of Tomorrow. He has been cast in the significant role of Hakoda in Netflix's upcoming live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Anna Lambe plays Kayla Malee

Anna Lambe photographed on the red carpet of True Detective: Night Country
Anna Lambe photographed on the red carpet of True Detective: Night Country Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty Images

Who is Kayla Malee? Kayla is Peter's wife, with whom he has a young child. She is studying medicine, but struggles to find the time with so little parental support from her spouse.

What else has Anna Lambe been in? Lambe recently played Blue Two-Rivers in the short-lived Prime Video drama Three Pines, starring Alfred Molina. She also appeared in crime drama Alaska Daily.

True Detective: Night Country premiered on Sky Atlantic and NOW on Monday 15th January 2024. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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