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Meet the cast and characters of The Larkins

Everything you need to know about the cast and characters in ITV's adaptation of The Darling Buds of May.

The Larkins
Published: Sunday, 14th November 2021 at 1:29 pm

The Darling Buds of May adaptation The Larkins concludes on ITV tonight, with the last episode in the series airing at 8pm.


The "perfick" tonic for Sunday night TV, viewers have praised Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlan who star in the lead roles.

We'll soon be missing this delightful drama, but fans will be happy to note that there won't be a long wait for the next new instalment, as ITV have already confirmed a Christmas special set for next month.

The fabulous cast for the series also includes Bridgerton star Sabrina Bartlett as Mariette, who is putting her own popular spin on the character originally played by Catherine Zeta Jones.

If you're wondering exactly where the cast filmed this idyllic show, don't forget we also have a handy guide for the stunning The Larkins filming locations.

But for now, read on to find out all you need to know about The Larkins cast.

Bradley Walsh plays Pop Larkin

The Larkins

Who is Pop Larkin? The life and soul of the party, Pop Larkin is a wheeler dealer with a heart of gold, and lives in rural Kent with his wife, 'Ma' Larkin, and their brood of six.

Bradley Walsh has admitted he wasn’t familiar with Pop before taking on role, but added that taking on the project was "a bit of a no-brainer".

Where have I seen Bradley Walsh before? The presenter and broadcaster is probably best known internationally as Graham O'Brien, the Doctor's companion in BBC One sci-fi series Doctor Who. He's also appeared in Drunk History (the UK version), SunTrap, and Coronation Street.


Joanna Scanlan plays Ma Larkin

The Larkins

Who is Ma Larkin? Ma is an "earth mother" who loves both her family and community, but despises snobbishness.

Where have I seen Joanna Scanlan before? She's starred in the likes of Girl with a Pearl Earring, Gentleman Jack, Stardust, Notes on a Scandal, After Love, The Accident, Dracula, and Hold the Sunset.

Sabrina Bartlett plays Mariette Larkin

The Larkins

Who is Mariette Larkin? The beautiful and soulful eldest daughter of the Larkins, she has an endless supply of male suitors - but with her heart set on travelling to Paris, she doesn't have time for men.

Speaking about her filming experience on The Larkins, Sabrina Bartlett said: "The burping, farting, piglets outside, it was just honestly, it was pure joy. For me, I grew up in the countryside, riding horses and playing outdoors and my little sister that running around, quite feral. And for me, it was great to kind of go back to something that I understood that was a part of my life."

Where have I seen Sabrina Bartlett before? Bridgerton viewers will recognise her as Siena Rosso, the actress whom Anthony Bridgerton becomes infatuated with in season one. She's also starred in Game of Thrones, Poldark, Victoria, Knightfall, and Versailles.

Tok Stephen plays Cedric ‘Charley’ Charlton

The Larkins

Who is Cedric 'Charley' Charlton? A young taxman who comes to stay with The Larkins at the beginning of the series, when he promptly falls head over heels for Mariette.

Where have I seen Tok Stephen before? The relative newcomer has previously appeared in Silent Witness, Grantchester, and Holby City.

Lydia Page plays Primrose Larkin

The Larkins

Who is Primrose Larkin? She's a self-conscious Larkin, and worships her older sister Mariette.

Where have I seen Lydia Page before? She's best known for playing Mildred Hubble in The Worst Witch.

Stephen Hagan plays Tom Fisher

The Larkins

Who is Tom Fisher? A smooth-talking new arrival to the village, he has his eye on Mariette from the get-go.

Where have I seen Stephen Hagan before? He played Leonardo da Vinci in the TV series Medici, and has also starred in A Royal Prince, Risen, and Lucky Man, among other projects.

Amelia Bullmore plays Miss Edith Pilchester

The Larkins

Who is Miss Edith Pilchester? A "middle-aged spinster on endless village committees but lonely and unfulfilled," according to ITV. She adores Pop.

Where have I seen Amelia Bullmore before? She plays Eliza Priestley in BBC One's Gentleman Jack, and has had roles in the likes of Happy Valley, Scott and Bailey, Ashes to Ashes, Twenty Twelve, and more recently Vienna Blood.

Kriss Dosanjh plays Brigadier

The Larkins

Who is Brigadier? A retired Indian army officer, who lives with his sister Miss Chand.

Where have I seen Kriss Dosanjh before? He played Mr. Sandhu in This Is England, a role he reprised in the subsequent TV series. He's also known for playing Hassan Habeeb in Coronation Street, and Ashok Masum in Casualty.

Seeta Indrani plays Miss Chand

The Larkins

Who is Miss Chand? Head teacher of the village school.

Where have I seen Seeta Indrani before? She played Harita in the series Catastrophe, and Bryce in Unforgotten. She's also starred in Vera, Trust Me, Guerilla, Casualty, and Ransom.

Tony Gardner plays Alec Norman

The Larkins

Who is Alec Norman? Pop's nemesis, he's jealous of his rival's popularity.

Where have I seen Tony Gardner before? He played John in Last Tango in Halifax, and he's known by many viewers of a certain age as lead Brian Johnson in My Parents are Aliens. He's also known for Fresh Meat, Lead Balloon, Stella, Innocent, and Tracey Ullman's Show.

Selina Griffiths plays Norma Norman

The Larkins

Who is Norma Norman? Alec's prissy wife.

Where have I seen Selina Griffiths before? You might recognise her as Pauline Maltby in Benidorm, or Connie in Cuckoo. Other past projects have included Not Going Out, Still Open All Hours, Father Brown, and Jonathan Creek.

Peter Davison plays The Vicar

The Larkins

Who is The Vicar? The foul-mouthed local vicar.

Where have I seen Peter Davison before? He's best known for playing the fifth Doctor in BBC series Doctor Who during the 1980s. More recently he's starred in Life, Gentleman Jack, The Trial of Christine Keeler, Vera, Law and Order: UK, and The Name of the Rose. All Creatures Great and Small fans may also be interested to learn that he originated the on-screen role of party boy Tristan, in the original TV series.

Robert Bathurst plays Johnny Delamere

The Larkins

Who is Johnny Delamere? A former actor and the go-to local celebrity.

Where have I seen Robert Bathurst before? He played Sir Anthony Strallan (a love interest of Lady Edith) in Downton Abbey, and also plays David Marsden in the long-running series Cold Feet. He's also starred in Toast of London, Wild at Heart, and Blackadder.

Natalie Mitson plays Pauline

The Larkins

Who is Pauline? Mariette's former friend turned rival.

Where have I seen Natalie Mitson before? The newcomer previously played Young Mary in The Last Bus.


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