Meet the cast of ITV’s Grantchester series 5

Everything you need to know about the cast of Grantchester, including interviews with stars Tom Brittney (Rev Will Davenport) and Robson Green (Geordie Keating)


Grantchester series five marks the start of a new chapter for the 1950s-set ITV crime drama as Tom Brittney officially replaces James Norton (who departed midway through last season) as the resident vicar and amateur detective.


Here’s everything you need to know about the cast and characters…

Tom Brittney plays Will Davenport

FROM KUDOS FILM AND TVGRANTCHESTER SERIES 5 EPISODE 1 Pictured: TOM BRITTNEY as Rev Will Davenport. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to Grantchester series 5.
Tom Brittney plays Will Davenport

Who is Rev Will Davenport? A celibate, motorcycle-riding vicar who last season replaced James Norton’s Sidney Chambers as Grantchester’s resident sleuthing man of the cloth. In series five, Will’s (self-imposed) vow of celibacy is tested when he meets journalist Ellie Harding, a friend of Geordie’s.

Speaking to, Tom Brittney revealed that series five also sees Will and Geordie’s relationship tested. “At the beginning it has been a year [since the events of the previous season], we’re better friends than ever in real life and on-screen, but it doesn’t last long, our friendship starts to be sort of slightly torn apart by a new guy who comes in…

“Vick, played by Ross Boatman, is the owner of this boxing club who helps out these troubled boys and I become involved in that. And slowly I sort of drift away from Geordie because he is not filling that father-shaped hole that I need, after my [character’s] dad shot himself in the head.”

Where have I seen Tom Brittney before? You might recognise Brittney for his role as Lieutenant Jeremy Foster in the time-travelling series Outlander. He has also appeared as American Tyler Mitchell in the BBC’s Lottery drama The Syndicate, and as the rapist Roger Lockwood in UnReal.

Robson Green plays Geordie Keating

FROM KUDOS FILM AND TVGRANTCHESTER SERIES 5 EPISODE 1 Pictured: ROBSON GREEN as Geordie Keating. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to Grantchester series 5.
Robson Green plays Geordie Keating

Who is Geordie Keating? A gruff police detective and best friends with Will, he’s married with children and often teases Will about his celibacy. In previous seasons his marriage to Cathy was on the rocks following his affair with a colleague, but it’s now firmly back on track.

Asked about his character, Robson Green told “Geordie just doesn’t trust anyone. This whole notion of you know, everybody settled, everybody is in a good place, but for Geordie there’s no such thing. Nothing good ever lasts. And something bad will inevitably happen. And because it’s a drama right, it does.”

He also described Geordie’s marriage to Cathy as “great. He is now accepted this liberated women being her own boss and he supports her. To the point where they need help [around the house].” However, he also teased a “devastating” storyline between Cathy and her mother, whom Geordie invites to stay with them without first consulting Cathy…

“The secrets and lies about her life enter the environment and my [character’s] wife never told me about it,” he said. “It’s things we harbour as individuals, they’re very simple themes, but played beautifully within this scenario.”

Where have I seen Robson Green before? One half of ’90s singing duo Robson and Jerome, Green’s television CV includes prominent roles like Dr Tony Hill in Wire in the Blood and Dave Ticket in Soldier Soldier; more recently he played Teddy in BBC One drama Age Before Beauty. He’s also fronted numerous fishing programmes, including Robson Green: Extreme Fisherman.

Al Weaver plays Leonard Finch

Al Weaver plays Leonard Finch

Who is Leonard Finch? A closeted gay curate, he returns from a holiday in Morocco with his lover at the beginning of series five — but insists to Mrs Chapman that he’s only been to Bognor Regis.

Where have I seen Al Weaver before? Weaver has starred in Colette, Peterloo and The Hollow Crown, and recently played James Edwards in the Mike Bartlett series Press.

Kacey Ainsworth plays Cathy Keating

FROM KUDOS FILM AND TVGRANTCHESTER SERIES 5 EPISODE 2 Pictured: KACEY AINSWORTH as Cathy. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to Grantchester series 5.
Kacey Ainsworth plays Cathy Keating

Who is Cathy Keating? Geordie’s wife, who last season found new independence and is working in a department store. She and Geordie have reconciled since his unfaithfulness, but new tensions are introduced this season when Geordie enlists the help of his mother-in-law around the house— to the complete surprise and apparently dismay of Cathy…

Where have I seen Kacey Ainsworth? The actress played Little Mo in EastEnders, and has previously starred in Holby City’s police spin-off Holby Blue, and played the gentle-natured Miss Gullet in the revamp of popular 90s children’s show The Worst Witch.

Tessa Peake-Jones plays Mrs Chapman

Tessa Peake Jones, Grantchester (ITV)
Tessa Peake-Jones plays Mrs Chapman

Who is Mrs Chapman? Formerly Mrs Maguire (she married again in series three), Mrs Chapman is a devout housekeeper to Rev Will Davenport now that Sidney has left for America.

Where have I seen Tessa Peake-Jones? The actress is perhaps best known as Raquel Turner in legendary sitcom Only Fools and Horses, but Peake-Jones has also starred as Sue Bond in Doctors, Sheila in Unforgotten and Imelda Cousins in Holby City.

Lauren Carse plays Ellie Harding

FROM KUDOS FILM AND TVGRANTCHESTER SERIES 5 EPISODE 2 Pictured: LAUREN CARSE as Ellie. This image is the copyright of ITV and may only be used in relation to Grantchester series 5.
Lauren Carse plays Ellie

Who is Ellie Harding? Ellie is a journalist and friend of Geordie’s. Her sensationalist coverage of some of the murders committed during series five offend Will, and he often rebukes her; however, the pair also seem attracted to one another.

Speaking to, Brittney said that his character Will didn’t agree with Ellie “morally,” but that the attraction is there from the beginning: “Me and Ellie are going to be the Ross and Rachel of Grantchester… I want all Grantchester to be related to Friends, in some way!”

Where have I seen Lauren Carse before? The actress has previously starred in dystopian drama Humans, Vera, The Mallorca Files, and in the mini-series Dark Mon£y.

Jemma Redgrave as Amelia Davenport

Grantchester V

Who is Amelia Davenport? Will’s timid and aristocratic mother, her overbearing husband died by suicide in season four after his son, Will, and Geordie discovered that he had killed a man. She’s now attempting to strike out on her own and discover her own identity – and potentially meet someone new.

Where have I seen Jemma Redgrave before? International audiences will recognise Redgrave as Evie Wilcox from Howard’s End (which also starred her aunt, Vanessa Redgrave). She’s also starred in Doctor Who (as the recurring role of Kate Stewart), Unforgiven and Holby City.

How can I watch Grantchester season 5 in the US?

Grantchester series five, starring Tom Brittney and Robson Green, airs on PBS Masterpiece on Sundays at 9/8c.


This article was originally published in December 2018