*Warning: This article contains spoilers for the finale of FBI: International season 3.*


What a final episode of FBI: International season 3 that was, right? With the news having previously been announced that Luke Kleintank's Special Agent Scott Forrester would be departing the show, all eyes were on that final episode to see how the series would write out the head of the fly team.

It was an episode packed full of twists that ultimately revealed that Forrester and his mother Angela Cassidy (Elizabeth Mitchell) disappeared and went on the run to Alaska.

The good news is that Forrester hasn't been killed off, so very well could make a cameo appearance in the future - but as for now, the actor has officially exited the series.

The surprise news of Kleintank's exit from the series came last month, when the actor announced that he would be leaving the show and that his "decision is driven by my unwavering commitment to my family, whose love and well-being are paramount in my life".

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The season 3 finale nicely sets up plenty of further action for season 4, which was renewed along with the original series FBI and FBI: Most Wanted.

Those final episodes also saw some new cast arrivals of both Teri Polo (Meet the Parents trilogy) and Colin Donnell (Chicago Med), so it's safe to say that FBI: International season 4 will be looking very different.

But when can we expect the new season to land? Read on to find out.

FBI: International season 4 release date speculation

FBI: International has been renewed for season 4, and is slated to return in the US during the 2024-2025 season on CBS.

The new season will air alongside its usual counterparts, FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, which were also renewed for more instalments and don't yet have confirmed release dates. We can expect them to all likely land sometime in early 2025.

As for when it'll be coming to the UK, we'll likely have to wait a little longer for it to land - but we can expect that when it does, it'll likely air on Sky Witness and NOW, like previous seasons.

FBI: International season 4 cast news - Who will return?

Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester looking sad while in the office and looking at someone with his head tilted.
Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester in FBI: International season 3. CBS/Sky

While we'd usually expect all the main players from season 3 to be making an appearance, there will be one noticeable absence from season 4 – Special Agent Scott Forrester.

One of the original cast members since the show's debut in 2021, actor Kleintank's departure from the series has come as a shock to fans, especially seeing as he's the head of the fly team and considering it follows the recent departure of Heida Reed's Special Agent Jamie Kellett.

At the time of the announcement, Kleintank said: "After much thought and consideration, I’ve made the difficult decision to leave FBI: International.

"This decision is driven by my unwavering commitment to my family, whose love and well-being are paramount in my life. I’m profoundly thankful for the extraordinary cast and crew of the show, who have not only been colleagues but also a family away from home.

"Their unwavering dedication and remarkable talents have made every moment on set an unforgettable journey that has enriched my life in countless ways. Lastly, I would also like to extend my thanks to the fans who have supported us through the first three seasons."

He was written out of the series after he went on the run with his mother and thankfully wasn't killed so could possibly make a future appearance.

In the last episodes of FBI: International season 3, we did welcome in the likes of Teri Polo and Colin Donnell, who both appeared in the season's final episodes. As of now, we don't know whether we'd expect to see them return for more but the finale centred very much on the main members of the fly team.

The main FBI: International cast we'd expect to return for season 4 are as follows:

  • Vinessa Vidotto as Special Agent Cameron Vo
  • Eva-Jane Willis as Megan ‘Smitty’ Garretson
  • Carter Redwood as Special Agent Andre Raines
  • Christina Wolfe as Special Agent Amanda Tate

What will happen in FBI: International season 4?

Colin Donnell as Brian Lange standing in the middle of a forest wearing a suit and coat, which he has his hands in.
Colin Donnell as Brian Lange in FBI: International season 3. CBS/Sky

Like with previous seasons, we'd expect FBI: International season 4 to continue to bring us major cases, a lot of tense face-offs and new villains for us to get acquainted with.

We'd also expect the new season to follow on from the dramatic season 3 finale, and also continue to see the fly team go through the motions of working without Special Agent Forrester, who has been a mainstay.

The final episodes of season 3 revealed that Forrester went on the run with his mother Angela Cassidy, who had been on a Russian prison intake form and was working on a massive mound of evidence to take down the government.

The official way of extraditing Angela doesn't go to plan, and we find out that Forrester went to Norway to rescue his mother, who he believed was captured.

The fly team also put their careers on the line by also heading to Norway without the official say-so of the Norwegian government, but are delivered a surprise when they learn that the Angela that is in Arkhangelsk Oblast Prison is not the real Angela. Instead, played by Teri Polo, this woman is Tess, and is an American citizen and former military medic.

Seemingly caught up in the war in Ukraine and arrested by Russia, Tess and Angela became confidantes, and the former actually has a tattoo on her wrist that is the password needed to obtain the dossier of evidence that Angela compiled.

Tess reveals that Scott came to get his mother and knew that from the trail of evidence left behind, his team would be able to find Tess and bring her to safety too.

We later find out in the episode that the team finds out that Forrester and his mother are on their way to Alaska and eventually wipe the files revealing their location so that they won't have to give over the information to Deputy Director Adell.

As for how that sets up season 4, could the fly team's actions get them into trouble? Will they get a new boss? Quite possibly, or one of the rest of the team could step up to assume the position.

Whatever the team dynamics are, we can be sure there will be some new guest stars and maybe even some new recurring characters.

Is there a trailer for FBI: International season 4?

Not yet! As the new season of FBI: International is yet to go into production, there's no trailer. But we'll be sure to keep this article updated with one when it eventually drops.

FBI: International season 3 continues on Sky Witness and NOW in the UK – sign up for Sky TV here. Seasons 1 and 2 are also available to stream there.


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