It's set to be a long and awkward night for Neville in this week's episode of Death in Paradise – but at long last, Harry the Lizard will return!


Since the beginning of the new season, fans have been left confused about the lack of the lizard, who has become a mainstay in the series since the premiere back in 2011.

Harry resides in the beachfront bungalow that now belongs to Neville, but seemed to be missing from recent episodes.

Well, have no fear, as Harry is back in an exclusive clip of this week's episode for

In the video, not only is Harry keeping Neville company as he taps away at his laptop, but things don't exactly go according to plan for the detective.

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It's late at night and Neville seems to be enjoying the evening, with music playing on his record player as he sits beside his latest gadget, an insect zapper.

He's pleased with his latest purchase, and is taking to his blog to leave a review - but is also chatting to someone online with the username of 'SunsetChaser'.

Neville is impressed with the compliment he receives from the mystery user, who says Neville's descriptions of Saint Marie "paints pictures in her mind".

As Neville replies, he tries writing "I try to be as evocative as I can" but it autocorrects "evocative" to "erotic".

Just as he starts to frantically try and fix his laptop's mistake, the power suddenly goes out in his home - and, as we later see, in the whole of Saint Marie. "Well, that's not good, is it?" Neville remarks.

Watch the clip for yourself below.

While Neville now has a power cut (and mosquitos) to deal with, questions still remain about who the mysterious online profile of SunsetChaser actually is.

Knowing Neville's bad luck in the past with his romantic flames, all eyes will be on the coming episodes to see whether it is someone innocent or whether suspicion should be cast their way.

"The tone is flirty, and they are implied female, so Neville starts having a little bit of an online flirt," Ralf Little revealed before season 13 was released.

Could it be a prank by one of his colleagues or is there something more sinister afoot? We'll just have to wait and see.

The good news is that Harry has finally returned to our screens, bringing a dose of charming CGI to the series that fans have been missing over the past few weeks.

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The synopsis for this week's episode reads: "After an island-wide blackout causes havoc in Honoré, the team trace the source to a local substation and discover an electrocuted dead body.

"On first appearances, it seems like a tragic accident, but when Neville and the team investigate the computer repair shop where the victim worked, they discover a hidden world of data mining and crypto currency.

"It turns out the victim was stealing electricity in order to mine thousands and thousands in crypto. With so much money at stake, it soon becomes clear that this was no accidental death after all.

"The only problem is that all three suspects were together at the time of the victim’s electrocution. So if it was murder, how did they do it?"

Death in Paradise season 13 airs on BBC One on Sundays at 9pm. All 13 seasons of Death in Paradise are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

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