The final moments of a television show can make or break its legacy, with a note-perfect send-off helping more than a few to secure their place in the history books... but which ending trumps all the rest?


In Radio Times' new video and podcast series The Best Ever, guests from the worlds of TV, Film and Entertainment will be tackling some of pop culture's biggest conversation points.

From action movies to TV detectives, we'll be asking... which truly was the best ever?

In this latest episode, Jake Lushington (executive producer on Vigil and World Productions' head of drama) and Tim Key (of Red Planet Pictures, and showrunner of Death in Paradise) join the panel to argue their picks for the Best Ever TV Finale.

Hosted by Morgan Jeffery (Executive Editor,, The Best Ever will see a different line-up of guests go head-to-head each week – expect strong opinions, fiery debate and big laughs as the panel compete to pick up the coveted Best Ever trophy.

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This week, Jake and Tim are joined by Abby Robinson ('s Drama Editor) as each make their case for why their favourite TV swan song should be top of any list.

A scene from 'Blackadder Goes Forth' with Captain Blackadder standing at attention on the left, facing General Melchett who is cheerfully seated at his desk in the center, with Captain Darling standing rigidly to the right, all in a grand, tapestry-adorned office.
Blackadder Goes Forth. Don Smith/Radio Times/Getty Images

Tim argues that – spoiler alert – the poignant ending to Blackadder Goes Forth is the ultimate example of the form, while Jake hits back with an all-time classic, the powerful climax to Six Feet Under, and Abby is advocating for Better Call Saul, which blew critics away with its powerful conclusion in 2022.

Who will emerge triumphant? And what are the ingredients of a truly great TV finale?

Plus, Jake and Tim share stories from their time spent working in the TV industry, including the immense pressure Tim felt as a producer on The Bill when faced with wrapping up the long-running police drama after 26 years.

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