There have been 25 outings in the official James Bond film series, but which deserves the title of The Best Ever?


In Radio Times' new video and podcast series The Best Ever, guests from the worlds of TV, Film and Entertainment will be tackling some of pop culture's biggest conversation points.

From action movies to TV detectives, we'll be asking... which truly was the best ever?

In this latest episode, The Fast Show star and James Bond novelist Charlie Higson joins the panel to debate the Best Ever Bond movie.

Hosted by Morgan Jeffery (Executive Editor,, The Best Ever will see a different line-up of guests go head-to-head each week – expect strong opinions, fiery debate and big laughs as the panel compete to pick up the coveted Best Ever trophy.

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Sean Connery and Daniela Bianchi in the James Bond film, From Russia, With Love.
Sean Connery and Daniela Bianchi in From Russia, With Love (1963). Bettmann/Getty Images

This week, Charlie, 007 super-fan and filmmaker Mark Wooldridge, and Lewis Knight ('s Trends Editor) each make their case for why their favourite Bond film should be placed top of any fan's list.

Plus, the panel aim to pin down the ingredients of a great Bond movie, discuss the franchise's finest villains and question whether any film finale can best a ninja attack on a hollowed-out volcano...

Did you agree with the verdict? Which Bond movie is your favourite? Let us know on X @radiotimes.

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Join us again next Thursday (25th January) as we debate the Best Ever Sci-Fi TV Show, with special guests Alexander Vlahos (Merlin, Outlander) and Richard James (Space Precinct).

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