David Tennant’s Hamlet and 9 other shows we’re stupidly happy to see on BBC Store

Doctor Who does Jekyll, old school Lenny Henry, the BBC's first Philip Pullman adaptation with Billie Piper and much much more



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Benedict Cumberbatch has just finished his run as the Prince of Denmark, but there’s another Great Dane now hanging out online: David Tennant.

The Doctor Who actor starred in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s theatre production in 2008 – a year later, this stunning production featuring Patrick Stewart and Pennie Downie ran on Boxing Day on BBC2. This year, Christmas really has come early…

David Tennant’s Hamlet, £2.99

Welcome to the offices of Prentiss McCabe, probably the most shameless PR company in Britain.

Stephen Fry and John Bird’s cutting sitcom often gets re-runs in its radio form, but the TV series has dropped off the radar since airing in 2003. Fry is perfectly vile, Bird bungling, and the whole thing has a bite that would only be superseded when The Thick Of It had its debut in 2005.

Absolute Power complete series, £7.99

The BBC has just confirmed its adapting Philip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy His Dark Materials, but it’s not the first time they’ve turned the author’s work into TV.

Billie Piper stars as Victorian girl Sally Lockhart, sent on a terrifying adenture following the death of her father. The Ruby In The Smoke is the first 90-minute TV thriller, also featuring a screen debut for Doctor Who’s Matt Smith. The story continues with The Shadow In The North.

The Sally Lockhart Mysteries, £4.99

Michael Palin’s still globetrotting 26 years after his first – and greatest – travel series.

Around the World in 80 Days, £10.99

This collection of generously probing interviews is collected here for the first time. From football manager Brian Clough to then-PM Harold Wilson, it’s a 70s treasure trove of smart questioning – and sideburns.

The Frost Interviews, £1.89 per episode

The show that secured Steven Moffat the Doctor Who showrunner job. It’s perfect timing to look back at Moffat’s original take on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, especially as ITV are currently having a go themselves. James Nesbitt plays both Jekyll and Hyde.

Jekyll, £5.99

No, not the 90s morning favourite, this one’s much darker. Starring Mobo-smashing Lenny Henry and Robbie Coltrane, this 1991 TV movie was part of the BBC’s one-off drama strand Screen One. Henry is a drug dealer whose addict wife gives birth. If he’s to see his child, he needs to go cold turkey – and that’s where Coltrane’s “unique” social care comes in.

The brilliant drama has never had a DVD release, let alone a repeat – but if you thought Lenny Henry’s acting career was late-blooming, watch again.

Alive and Kicking, £3.99

This is where BBC Store hopes it will hit the sweet spot, cashing in on the shows we always regretted missing when they were on iPlayer. You won’t buy many – when you do, they might as well be good, like this searing real-life drama starring Sheridan Smith.

The C Word, £3.99

Inside No 9’s coming back, and Mark Gatiss has a devilish plan for Doctor Who with his fellow Gentleman Reece Shearsmith. Not that you should need many excuses to go back to the madness of the show that spawned them all.

The League of Gentlemen, £7.99 per series

Old school Bake Off! This is the first chance to put the first series up against the most recent showstopper. All the ingredients are there, but can you honestly say series one would turn into the biggest show on television?


Bake Off series 1, £4.99