What The Good Wife series 6 finale tells us about series 7

Alicia Florrick quite literally opened a door to a new opportunity as the season wrapped up tonight. What else can we expect to follow?

The sixth series of The Good Wife wrapped tonight, quite literally leaving the door open for the next with Louis Canning appearing at Alicia Florrick’s front door wanting to partner up. But what else has the latest run hinted is on the way come series 7? We ponder where The Good Wife will take us next…


Peter will run for President

Never has ‘I’ve been asked to run for President’ seemed like less of a big deal. Peter (Chris Noth) dropped it into conversation with Alicia in the same way I’d tell someone I was ordering a pizza for dinner. Sure Alicia (Julianna Margulies) said she didn’t want him to do it. But that’s unlikely to stop him. He’s actually hoping running for President will bag him Vice President. If he can keep away from the women on his campaign trail, maybe it will work out. Either way it will bring the show back around to the usual balance of Peter being involved in a political campaign while Alicia returns her focus to running a law firm.

Alicia will have another new firm

Another day another law firm for Alicia Florrick. It’s history repeating itself as she was seen kicking it all off in her apartment, just like the early days of Florrick Agos. Well, in her son’s old bedroom with a door for a desk to be exact. But it will be good to see her getting back to courtroom battles rather than watch people scurry around her worrying about which dress she’ll wear in a campaign video.

… her book will never happen

I think it’s safe to say ideas of putting out a book about her life will take a back seat as Alicia gets back to the business of running her own law firm. Thank goodness, because that just seemed to involve a whole lot of staring into space.

Alicia could team up with Canning

Well, well, well, we weren’t expecting it to be Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) turning up at Alicia’s door asking to partner up, were we? The series, post Alicia’s failed State’s Attorney bid, laid a whole lot of groundwork for her to be teaming up with attorney Finn Polmar. But there’s just too much sexual chemistry and so Finn’s bailed. Fresh from yet another to-do in the Lockhart Agos and Lee offices (keeping up with the names on the wall there is an effort in itself) Canning wants to join with his former courtroom enemy. What’s Alicia got to lose, really?

New firm – old clients?

Alicia’s already returned to a former case to get her firm off the ground and I’m really rather hoping another familiar face will return: Colin Sweeney. Creepy, yet strangely charming for a man often accused of murder, Sweeny (played by Dylan Baker) brings a welcome dose of humour to the show. And between all the frowning, crying and wine glugging, we could do with a bit of that. He must need legal representation for something else by now?


In a similar vein, here’s hoping lawyer Elsbeth Tascioni (played by Carrie Preston) returns to the courtroom, no doubt singing Call Me Maybe. The actress herself didn’t deny claims on a return during a recent Twitter Q&A – “If it were up to me I’d be there every episode” – so here’s hoping.