Arthur and George viewers divided over Martin Clunes’ Scottish accent

Spot on, dodgy, weirdly a bit Liam Neeson... viewers couldn't quite agree on the Doc Martin actor's turn as Arthur Conan Doyle

Last night Martin Clunes returned to our screens in ITV’s new period drama Arthur & George, which is based on the real-life crime mystery that inspired Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to turn detective.


However, it seems the enigma for plenty of viewers was whether or not Clunes’ adopted Scottish accent was quite right for the part. 

Clunes himself told Jonathan Ross that he’s “alright” with accents and said the main focus was “keeping it on the East Coast and not going Glaswegian”. Although the actor added that it’s “tiring” having to “enunciate everything”. 

“It’s hard work being Scottish. Hat’s off to David Tennant for keeping it up,” he joked. 

But, despite his efforts, viewers remained split on Clunes’ ability to pull it off:

Some felt the accent was changing throughout

Others thought it a bit “dodgy”

A dash of sarcasm was thrown in

We doubt this was the effect Clunes was going for

Some turned it into a game

While others would just rather he didn’t try any accent. Ever.

This Scot was quite happy with it

And he wasn’t the only one giving the stamp of approval

Others pointed out the subtle differences

Was Clunes simply travelling through a catalogue of his characters?

One viewer felt he had similarities with Irish actor Liam Neeson in Taken…

While another simply forgot who he was

Missed the episode? Hear a snippet here.

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Arthur and George continues on Monday at 9:00pm on ITV