Ben Affleck and David Fincher to remake Strangers on a Train (but on a plane)

The Gone Girl duo will create an updated version of the 1951 Hitchcock film, and Gillian Flynn is in talks to write the screenplay

Ben Affleck and David Fincher are to remake Alfred Hitchcock’s 1951 film Strangers on a Train—but will be updated to take place on a plane. 


The new version, retitled Strangers, will feature Affleck as a film star who is offered a lift by a wealthy businessman after his private jet breaks down in the middle of an Oscar campaign, reports Deadline.

Based on a 1950 novel by The Talented Mr Ripley author Patricia Highsmith, the original film starred Farley Granger and Robert Walker, and followed a psychopath and a tennis star who meet on a train and discuss how to get away with murder.

The duo are said to be in talks with author Gillian Flynn, who wrote the screenplay for award-nominated Gone Girl, which was also directed by Fincher and starred Affleck. 

Affleck is currently shooting thriller The Accountant with Anna Kendrick and will next be taking on the role of Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. David Fincher is about to direct the HBO series Utopia,  a remake of the cult British Channel 4 series which was cancelled after two series. 


Strangers is set to be shot at the end of this year.