The cast of ‘the best worst film’ The Room are Kickstarting a mockumentary about where they are now

What do you do after making such a cinematic classic? Well, you make a "tongue-in-cheek, satirical" look at how your life changed in the aftermath of the cult hit

What do you do after you’ve been in The Room, the best worst film ever? Where do you go after appearing in a cult hit so awful that it transcends space and time? 


Well, the cast of Tommy Wiseau’s drama/rom-com have the answer. They’ve started a Kickstarter campaign for a film about their lives since making what is often described as “The Citizen Kane of bad films.” It’s so bad that when it first came out, people thought it was a joke. 

It sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? It would be nice to know what the last 11 years have been like for the cast of a film so terrible, we can’t stop discussing it. This is one of several The Room-related projects of the last few years, including a video game, a book and James Franco recently saying he would make a film about the famously terrible film.

But this Kickstarter campaign is weirder and more multi-layered than it sounds because it will actually be fiction. The Room actors want to make a mockumentary rather than a real film. 

Robyn Paris, who plays Lisa’s best friend, Michelle, launched the campaign.

She wrote, “Twelve years ago, a group of struggling actors (us!) accepted roles a film called The Room. We knew it wouldn’t win any awards. But we had no idea that it would… become a cult hit (and a complete joke). But when the world is laughing at you, what do you do?…You laugh right along with them.

“And that’s why we’re coming to YOU, the fans.”

If it gets made, “The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? A Mockumentary,” will be a “tongue-in-cheek, satirical” web series or a feature film depending on how much money the campaign raises. It won’t feature Wiseau but the other actors will be involved.

This mockumentary may well be a terrible idea but all we know is, if it doesn’t get made it will teeeaaarrr us apart. 

If you haven’t had the pleasure (and intense pain) of watching The Room, here’s a video of its best moments