Laurence Fox on crime drama Lewis – “I don’t really understand why people like it”

Kevin Whately's sidekick also reveals why the hit series has been able to "amble back into existence"

Actor Laurence Fox has admitted to Radio Times that he is baffled by the success of his hit TV crime drama Lewis.


Speaking in the new issue, Fox, 36, said: “I don’t really understand why people like it. I mean, I’m really grateful that they do, but I’ve never quite worked worked it out. But I think that if you’ve had a bad day, then there’s a soothing quality to Lewis. It’s quite a salve. There’s the lovely music, this beautiful city and these two men who are just gently walking around…”

The return of the show (on Friday 10 October at 9pm on ITV) will come as a surprise to those who thought the series had come to a definite conclusion last year as Hathaway (Fox) left the police force and Lewis (Kevin Whately) retired. So why have the two of them returned now?

“Have you ever been to Eastbourne?” asks Fox. “Well, when you try and drive out of Eastbourne, you always end up back in the town centre. Lewis is like Eastbourne. It’s nigh on impossible to leave. But it’s a good job. It’s strangely enjoyable and I’m not really very…well, what’s the word…driven. And as far as ITV are concerned, they didn’t want to kill it off because people watch it and they can sell advertising. So it sort of ambles back into existence.

Fox freely admits that work comes in third on his hierarchy of needs (“it goes ‘family’, ‘passions’, then ‘career’”) and that he gets more joy out of music than acting (he released an album Sorry for My Words in 2013). But even he wouldn’t trade his Lewis experience for the world:


“I’ve done jobs where I’ve haven’t got along with people and it makes your life hell. But it’s a family here on Lewis. We’ve all been through a s**t load together – babies, illnesses and what have you – and I’ve never encountered a nicer bunch of people. Plus I just like hanging around with Kev.”