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Best Mando Mondays offers: Disney Star Wars deals include Baby Yoda, LEGO and games

Mondays just got a lot better for you Star Wars collectors

mando mondays star wars

If you are a Star Wars fan, the chances are that you are counting down the days until season 2 of The Mandalorian kicks off on Disney+. Those days are getting less and less with the new batch of episodes set to kick off weekly from this Friday, October 30th.


The second run of eight episodes will show the “Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey, facing enemies and rallying allies as they make their way through the dangerous galaxy in the tumultuous era after the collapse of the Galactic Empire.”

If you don’t have Disney+, you can sign up for £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year.

Well, if you are a collector who loves buying the latest merchandise from the long-running franchise, Disney and Lucasfilm have got you covered because each Monday after a new episode airs, they will be releasing new Star Wars merchandise over at the official Star Wars Facebook page.

Speaking about the show and Mando Mondays, Kareem Daniel, president of Consumer Products, Games and Publishing said: “When ‘The Mandalorian’ debuted last year on Disney+, the show became an instant phenomenon, with fans of all ages expressing excitement for products related to its iconic characters – particularly the Child. This fall, as the world continues to watch the narrative unfold, we will further bring this unique Star Wars story to life through a must-have selection of toys, books, comics, digital content, and more.”

As for what you will be able to get you hands on, there will be a wide range of things each week and to mark the announcement, there are three things you can pre-order already. And don’t worry: you needn’t wait for too long to get your mitts on these items – they ship from 30 October, the first episode’s release date. Here’s our favourite 26 October releases.

The best Mando Monday pre-order offers

1. The Child Animatronic Edition – £45

Mando Mondays The Child Animatronic Edition

Here, Baby Yoda – sorry, we mean the Child – comes in animatronic form with 25 sound and motion combinations. But if the excitable giggling and babbling all gets a bit too much, you can lay him down, and he’ll close his eyes and take a ‘Force nap.’ So cute! When we visited ShopDisney’s product page, we were put in a virtual waiting room, so we’re suggesting you head to Amazon to pick up this little fella.

2. Mandalorian Gauntlets – £22

Mando Mondays Mandalorian Gauntlets

Know any budding young bounty hunters in need of a pair of missile-firing gauntlets? One of these nifty Mandalorian gauntlets can fire three foam missiles, while the other has a light-up feature with sound effects. The perfect weapons to take out any stormtroopers you might have had a falling out with.

3. Lego The Child – £69.99

child lego set mandalorian

This Lego set has actually been available to pre-order for a few weeks now – and we suspect this is going to feature on a heck of a lot of Christmas present lists this year. Here, the Child has a posable head and movable ears, and even comes with his favourite toy: the gearshift knob from Mando’s ship. If you find it’s sold at the Lego store, try Amazon instead, where it’s on sale for 1 penny more.

4. Star Wars x Element Mandalorian Skateboard Collection – £60

Mando Mondays Mandalorian Skateboard

If you’re not already a skater, then this ultra-slick collaboration between Star Wars and Element could well persuade you to become in. There are a number of boards available in this collection, including the Hunter & Prey skateboard deck, the Mando & Child skateboard deck and Beskar skateboard deck – all £60. Cooler than a weekend getaway on Hoth.

5. Monopoly: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition – £42.99

Mando Mondays Mandalorian Monopoly

If buying properties in London has started to get a little dull, try the Mandalorian spin on Monopoly instead (spoiler alert: there are more droids and blasters involved). Playing as either the Mandalorian, Cara Dune, IG-11, or Kuiil, the aim is to collect as many Imperial points as you can. But if any player gets their hands on, yes, you guessed it, the Child, then it’s game over.

These are just this week’s releases – new items will be available on a weekly basis right up to Monday, December 21st. So if you have any Star Wars loving loved ones to buy gifts for this festive season, you look set to have plenty to choose from.


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