With the Stray release date having arrived and write-ups looking pretty positive (including our own five-star Stray review), it's only natural for players to wonder if Stray is on PS Plus.


After all, PS Plus in the UK has now been upgraded to the snazzy new multi-tiered version, and members of the new subscription and existing members will want to know if the hot new PS4 and PS5 game is included in the service.

The good news is this – there is definitely a way for players to access Stray through PS Plus, as long you're a member of the right tier (or fancy a free trial). Read on to learn all about it!

Is Stray on PS Plus?

The new cat game Stray is available on PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, the two fanciest versions of the recently-revamped PlayStation subscription service.

If you're only a member of PS Plus Essential, you will not get access to Stray with your current subscription.

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But there is good news – there's a free trial running on Extra and Premium right now in the UK! Keep on reading to find out more.

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How to get a free trial of PS Plus Extra or Premium

You can claim the seven-day free trial for PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium on the official PlayStation website, and you should be able to find the deal on your console's PS Plus area as well.

The terms and conditions note that this offer does not apply to current PS Plus members. It is specifically targeted at new customers.

Also, please be aware that this is a rolling subscription. You will be charged after the initial seven days unless you cancel the membership before then.

PS Plus Extra costs £10.99 per month, while PS Plus Premium costs £13.49 per month. But for seven days, you can try it out without paying.

And considering that Stray is only a handful of hours long (we beat the main story in about five hours), that should be plenty of time to polish this one off.

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