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Stray: release date, pre-order, gameplay, latest news

The PUrrfect game FUR all you cat lovers.

stray game ps5

As if life were not difficult enough for all the stray cats in the world – adopt a cat if you can – imagine if those felines also had robots to deal with? That’s the case for our protagonist in Stray as this cat is stuck in a robot-filled world and is trying to get back to his family.


The game is (almost) a PlayStation exclusive and looks to be one of the more interesting titles on the way over the next 12 or so months, although we would say that about any game that pits a cat against robots.

For all we know about Stray, including when the game looks set to be released, here is all the information that we know so far!

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Stray release date

Bit of a good news/bad news situation here for you cat gaming lovers as the game is not out until 2022 – but the positive news is that is planned to be released in the early part of the year and we should have that exact release date in the very near future.

The game was seemingly meant to debut in October this year but like many other games of late, it was hit by a delay and shunted back a few months.

Can I pre-order Stray?

Not yet, but with more and more information about the game being released we fully expect pre-order links to start popping up shortly. As soon as they do, we will add them right here with the best deals that we can find.

What consoles will Stray be released on?

Stray is coming to the PS5 when it gets released next year, so we will be seeing a very shiny looking cat, and it will also be available for those that have not upgraded past the PS4 yet. A release for Microsoft Windows has also been confirmed.

Stray story

stray game ps5

Stray looks to be a game where the developers, BlueTwelve Studio, look keen to keep their cards close to their chest as to the exact story details here – it does look like a game with many surprises – but there are a few things we know.

As we say, the premise here is that a cat has found himself stranded in a strange city overrun with killer robots and he will be doing all he can to fight his way through them in order to make a triumphant return to his waiting family.

While on his travels, the cat will befriend one of the robots, a drone named B12, and together, the two face the onslaught of enemies while learning all sorts of dark secrets about the city they are forced to call home.

Stray gameplay

Stray is a third-person adventure game that will incorporate open-world elements into the game. There will be lots of platforming to do and there will be many puzzles to solve, while our furry hero will be equipped with numerous things to stop attacks – like a bucket as we saw in one of the latest trailers.

Combat does not seem to be at the forefront of the developer’s minds here – it is a cat we’re talking about after all – and instead, you will be putting the focus on defending yourself and getting out of dicey situations that will become more intense as the game goes on. Although you do get the ability to blow enemies up later and things like shopping trolleys can be used to wipe evil robots out.

Stray trailer

There is indeed. There are a few out there now but here is the initial reveal trailer that got us all excited when it was released last year.

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