It is a truth universally acknowledged that cats love collecting things, and this fact is upheld nicely in the new cat game Stray.


While real-life moggies might horde your hair ties, bottle tops and folded-up crisp packets under the sofa (or perhaps bring you a collection of dead mice from outside), the cat in Stray is more interested in gathering things that might actually help you out a bit.

In Stray, the cat can collect energy drinks that you can use to buy things, as well as music sheets that will earn you a trophy, notebooks that will progress the plot, and memories for B-12 that will help you understand your trusty drone pal.

If you're trying to collect all that you can in Stray, use our handy guide below! We've included some very helpful videos from Gamer Guru on YouTube too. You can use these next links to jump down to whichever items are on your mind at the moment.

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Stray energy drink locations

There are four energy drinks to find in Stray, and the video above shows you exactly where to find them. This is the long and short of it, though:

  • Facing the Guardian (and his room full of sad-looking robots), turn left and you'll find a vending machine with the first energy drink
  • Follow a very specific set of alleyways to find the second energy drink (for reference, see 16 seconds into the video above)
  • Beside the Designer Grandmother, climb up onto the roof and drop down onto a hidden balcony - there's the third energy drink
  • The fourth energy drink is on the rooftops, near the TV

If you can't find any of those, the video above explains it a lot quicker and clearer than we ever could!

All of the energy drinks are in The Slums, so you'll want to collect all these before you move onto The Sewers. (There's a pretty obvious 'point of no return' here, and if you blaze past it, you'll have to replay this chapter later in order to get the energy drinks.)

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Stray music sheet locations

There are eight music sheets to find in Stray. The video above shows you the exact locations. This is where you'll find the music sheets:

  • The first music sheet is in Momo's apartment
  • The second music sheet is near the balcony to the right of Clementine's apartment
  • The third music sheet is behind Elliot's door (scratch to make him open it)
  • The fourth music sheet can be found in the shop (trade an energy drink for it)
  • The fifth music sheet is on a table, upstairs in the bar
  • The sixth music sheet is next to Clementine's bed
  • The seventh music sheet is on the piano in the library
  • The eighth music sheet is in the safe with the binary clue (the code should be 1823)

Again, the music sheet segment of the game very much ends when you leave The Slums for The Sewers, so we'd recommend wrapping this up before you go through that door. Check the video above if you're missing any!

Stray notebook locations

The four notebooks in Stray are very important collectables, mainly because you need them to progress the main story. When Momo asks you to find them, you might think they're all in his apartment.

Actually, though, they're in the flats of his fellow 'Outsiders'. Leave Momo's flat the way you came in, and B-12 will show you the big blue lights which indicate where these other notebook-stashing homes are. As the video above shows in more detail, this is where you'll find all the notebooks in Stray:

  • Momo's notebook is in his apartment (he'll give it when you show the postcard of the outside)
  • Zbaltazar's notebook is in his apartment (turn off the fan to get in, then knock over the boxes to find it)
  • Doc's notebook is in his apartment (find a key on his bed, then knock over the books filed under 'M' to find the safe - the notebook is inside)
  • Clementine's notebook is in her apartment (squeeze through the smashed window on the sliding door, turn left and you'll find it on her desk)

Stray memory locations

There are a whopping 27 memories to find in Stray, and the video above has already done the meticulous work of finding them all and showing you exactly what to do.

Some of the memories will be automatically unlocked as you progress through the story and learn more about B-12, but some of them are hidden away in the open-world areas. We've broken the list down by location for you:

Stray memory locations in The Slums

  • The first memory will be found automatically during chapter three of the main story
  • The second memory is in The Slums, on the roof above the Guardian
  • The third memory is being sold at the shop in The Slums (trade energy drinks for it)
  • The fourth memory is in The Slums, on the roof of the bar
  • The fifth memory is in The Slums, within Momo's apartment
  • The sixth memory is in The Slums, in an alley near the start
  • The seventh memory is in The Slums - climb up the alley to the left of the Guardian
  • The eighth memory is in The Slums, on the top floor of Elliot's house (scratch the door to get in)

Stray memory locations in the Rooftops

  • The ninth memory is in the Rooftops chapter - after the second set of Zurks, keep climbing up and forwards until you find it
  • The 10th memory is also in the Rooftops, on the second floor of the big construction site building
  • The 11th memory is in the Rooftops - it's tied to the story, so you literally can't miss it

Stray memory locations in Dead End

  • The 12th memory is in the Dead End chapter - take the first left when you enter this area
  • The 13th memory is in Dead End - after running from Zurks, climb on a truck and head straight ahead
  • The 14th memory is in Dead End - when you meet Doc, you'll find it to the right

Stray memory locations in The Sewers

  • The 15th memory is in The Sewers - after Momo holds the door for you, head town a tunnel on your left
  • The 16th memory is in The Sewers - when you see the giant eyeballs, turn left

Stray memory locations in Antvillage

  • The 17th memory is in Antvillage - it's tied to the story, so you won't be able to miss it
  • The 18th memory is in Antvillage - after speaking to Zbaltazar, head back down until you see some graffiti next to a ladder

Stray memory locations in Midtown

  • The 19th memory is in Midtown - tied to the story, you won't miss it
  • The 20th memory is in Midtown - at the top of the first escalator
  • The 21st memory is in Midtown - head to end of the first alley on the right, climb to the top
  • The 22nd memory is in Midtown - as you approach the big hologram, jump through a little window on the left
  • The 23rd memory is in Midtown - find it in the roof of the restaurant
  • The 24th memory is in Midtown - after you do the Factory mission, look in the house opposite the big hologram
  • The 25th memory is in Midtown - find it in the night club, using the dumb waiter behind the bar to access the kitchen

Stray memory locations in the endgame

  • The 26th memory is in Jail - when you're trapping drones in cells, interact with the robot sat on the floor
  • The 27th memory is in the Control Room - you'll find it automatically as you near the story's completion

And that's your lot! Hopefully, using our written words and the incredible videos by Gamer Guru, you'll be able to find all those Stray collectables in no time.

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