Along with New Atlantis and Neon, Hopetown is one of the few major cities in Starfield.


If you want to see and do everything in the massive game, you will need to head to Hopetown.

As it is a major city, you'll find plenty of shops to peruse, quests to complete, a ship manufacturer (HopeTech) and more in this important location.

If you haven't been there before, though, finding it will prove a little tricky. Fortunately for you, we've spent some time in the city and know exactly how to get there.

Read on to find out where the Starfield Hopetown location is on your starmap and discover how to get there.

Where is Hopetown in Starfield?

Hopetown is on Polvo in the Valo System (within the Narion System). You need to scan the planet to find the landing location on Polvo, which means you need to get there first.

You’ll find the Valo System on the starmap on the same location as the Narion System. Simply hover over that spot on your map screen and a drop-down menu should appear showing you Narion and Valo.

Click on Valo to enter that map screen and find Polvo (it’s the Earth-like planet on the left of the star). Now choose to travel there, get scanned by the contraband scan, open up the map screen once more and you should see the Hopetown landing location on the map of the planet (scan it if you don’t).

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How to get to Hopetown in Starfield

While you can travel to Hopetown whenever you like in Starfield, to get there first, you can wait until you visit the city during a main story mission.

The game will eventually take you to Hopetown.

If you want to get there earlier and see what it's all about, though, you can. You can get to Hopetown as soon as you are able to freely pilot The Frontier – pretty much as soon as the game starts.

The city – and the System it’s in – is part of the Freestar Ranger space, so you will need to clear up any bounty you have on your head before heading there.

As detailed in the section above, Hopetown is on planet Polvo, which is in the Valo System (shares a space with Narion on the map screen). Simply hover over Narion and click on the System, then click on Valo and grav jump your way back to this location any time you wish to return.

Given that it’s home to HopeTech – a ship manufacturer store in which you can purchase ships and mods – along with the Rangers Building and Best Defense stores, you will probably want to head back to the major city.

You can also get the Drydock Blues: HopeTech side quest in the city by talking to Inaya Rehman. She’s found in the HopeTech factory.

There’s plenty to do in Hopetown, just as you hoped there would be.

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