While there are plenty of ships to buy in Starfield, are there any great free ones?


If you can't be bothered to make your own spaceship and can't afford those that are up for sale, Bethesda has you covered with a number of ships that you can get for free.

No, we're not talking about ships you can steal off of other pilots (although that is an option).

While The Frontier will have you covered for most of your early game needs, you will need something more powerful for a late-game quest.

One story mission in particular requires you to use a ship with a Grav Jump range of 21LY. You can buy a ship with these capabilities from Ship Services Technicians but it'll cost you a lot of credits to do so. Is there one with 21LY Grab Jump available for free?

Read on to find out what the best free ships in Starfield are, how to get them, and if there is one with a Grav Jump range of 21LY.

Is there a free Starfield ship with a Grav Jump range of 21LY?

Yes, you can get a free Starfield ship with a Grav Jump range of 21LY – the Wanderwell – but to unlock it, you need to have chosen the right trait when creating your character.

If you chose the ‘Kid Stuff’ trait at the start of the game when making your character, speaking to your Dad in your parents’ apartment in New Atlantis will eventually give you the Wanderwell ship for free!

It has a base Grav Jump stat of 27LY so it’s more than good enough for annoying ‘Obtain a ship with a 21LY Grav Jump range’ story mission.

The Kepler R is another ship you can get for free with a Grav Jump stat of 21LY or higher. This can be unlocked for free by completing side quest ‘Overdesigned’, which unlocks after you complete main story mission ‘High Price to Pay’ – which happens just before this pesky ‘Final Glimpses’ mission.

There might be more free ships with the requisite 21LY Grav Jump range but these three are all safe bets.

Spoilers follow: You can also unlock the Starborn Guardian when heading into New Game Plus, which should have a Grav Jump stat good enough.

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What are the best free ships in Starfield?

All free ships are the best free ships in Starfield because you didn’t have to pay a single credit to get hold of them. There are a number of cool spaceships you can get for free in the game, including the mighty Star Eagle, which can be obtained early-on into the game.

You can see where and how to get the Star Eagle, Razorleaf, Wanderwell, Kepler R, and UC Prison Shuttle in the handy YouTube video from Gaming with Griff Griffin below:

Star Eagle

The potential earliest free ship you’ll come across aside from The Frontier is Star Eagle. Join the Freestar Rangers on Akila and see their faction story through to the end to unlock it!

Kepler R

Unlock the Kepler R for free by completing the Overdesigned side quest reward. It’s one of the best ships in the game and you can get it completely free!


Complete the Mantis quest to unlock this ship for free.

UC Prison Shuttle

The UC Prison Shuttle isn’t very good - but it is free! Unlock it by completing the Crimson Fleet faction quest – ‘Echoes of the Past’.


Start the game with the ‘Kid Stuff’ trait and speak to your dad in New Atlantis enough to unlock Wanderwell for free.

Spoilers follow:

Starborn Guardian

Complete the game and start again in New Game Plus to unlock what’s possibly the best ship in the game for free.

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