While there are many different companions you can find and recruit in Starfield, Andreja is one of the most important.


As one of the four main Constellation companions in Bethesda’s latest RPG, Andreja has a larger backstory than some of the others - and can even be romanced.

Luckily for you, it’s easy enough to recruit Andreja – it’s just a matter of reaching a certain point in the game’s main story missions.

Once you’ve added her to your crew, you’ll be able to romance Andreja and complete her specific companion quest.

Read on, intrepid spacefarer, to find out everything there is to know about Andreja in Starfield. Here’s how to recruit Andreja and how to romance her.

Who is Andreja in Starfield?

Andreja is one of the four major Constellation companions in Starfield. She is one of the four NPC characters you can romance, and she plays an important role in the game’s main story missions.

She’s a bit of a mysterious character, who is new to Constellation, and you can read more about her backstory in the official Starfield tweet below:

Who plays Andreja in Starfield? Voice actor revealed

Cissy Jones Lin attends the 2023 BAFTA Games Awards Champagne Reception at the Queen Elizabeth Hall wearing a black suit, smiling into camera
Cissy Jones. Kate Green/BAFTA/Getty

Andreja is played by Cissy Jones in Starfield.

Jones has appeared in many different video games over the years, including Baldur’s Gate 3 (The Absolute), Dead Island 2 (Sarah Sheppard), Destiny 2 (Sloane), and more.

She has also provided her voice for Transformers: Earthspark (Elita-1), The Owl House (Lilith, Book and Dottie) and The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib (Hilde), to name a few TV shows outside of games.

How to recruit Andreja in Starfield

You can recruit Andreja after completing the main story mission Into the Unknown. Once you have completed this mission, head back to The Lodge in New Atlantis where you can speak to and recruit Andreja and add her to your crew.

You will definitely want to recruit her, as she is one of the main four constellation companions and can be romanced. Her skills are Four-Star Stealth, Three-Star Particle Beams, Two-Star Weapon Systems and One-Star Theft.

Andreja can’t be missed as she is part of the main story missions. Just remember to speak to her at The Lodge after completing Into the Unknown. She won’t cost you any credits to recruit.

Read more on Starfield:

How to romance Andreja in Starfield

To romance Andreja in Starfield, you will need to build up a close relationship with her by doing and saying the right things.

First things first, you’ll need to make Andreja your active companion or, at least, assign her to your ship’s crew.

When Andreja is accompanying you, it’s best to take her advice; this is something she likes. Doing as many of the things she likes will help you out in your quest to romance no end.

These are her likes and dislikes:

  • Likes – Taking action, intimidation, confidence
  • Dislikes – Indecisiveness, harming innocents

Do enough of what Andreja likes and she’ll ask to talk to you. Talk to her enough and you’ll open up the [Flirt] dialogue option. Select this whenever it comes up to set the ball in motion.

During No Sudden Moves, for example, intimidating Captain Petrov into surrendering the artifact will be liked by Andreja.

Speak to Andreja enough – keeping her likes and dislikes in mind – and you should unlock Andreja’s companion side quest: Divided Loyalties. When you complete this quest, you can choose to romance Andreja.

After this, stick with her as your main companion. When she speaks to you again, you should choose dialogue options that reassure her.

Keep these positive conversations up long enough and she’ll ask to settle down with you as per the Commitment: Andreja quest. Complete that quest to marry Andreja and unlock the Emotional Security buff.

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