Since LucasFilms and LucasArts' acquisition by Disney, the proverbial floodgates opened up, resulting in a slew of upcoming Star Wars being announced - and we have the full list of them and all the key details to bring you up to speed.


Historically, only Electronic Arts held the Star Wars video game reins, but the exclusivity deal is over, and many studios are taking up the mantle to develop some new (and old) games.

Some, however, have felt a disturbance in the Force - and it seems like not all of these projects will make it across the finish line.

Only time will tell, and there is still plenty to be looking forward to, especially given how excellent recent titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor have been.

But no matter how many games are in the works, we’re not sure it will ever make up for the cancellation of Star Wars 1313.

More like this Gaming Editor Rob Leane hosted Den of Geek’s editor-in-chief John Saavedra on the One More Life podcast and talked all things Star Wars, with a snippet included at the top of this article - so do be sure to check it out.

But enough from us, read on to see what awaits in a galaxy (hopefully not) far, far away!

Full list of upcoming Star Wars games

Below is every upcoming Star Wars game in order of their (hopefully) release dates, including a little information about them.

Star Wars Outlaws - 30th August

Dubbed 'GTA in Space', Star Wars Outlaws made quite the impression with its lengthy gameplay walkthrough that we’ve featured just above.

Outlaws follows the story of "emerging scoundrel" Kay Vess as she fights for her freedom across the galaxy, featuring planets new and old in between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Vess won’t be striking it out all alone, however, as she has her trusted Merqaal companion, Nix, who (as well as being adorable) can aid her in a number of ways during missions.

Star Wars: Hunters

Star Wars: Hunters from mobile developers Zynga is a third-person free-to-play PvP arena game that features a number of game modes that will be coming out in 2024 after a recent delay, and will be available to play on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Hunters is set just after the fall of the Galactic Empire in between Episode VI and VII on the planet Vespaara, and features Sith Warrior Rieve, Mandalorian Aran Tal and lots of other original characters, such as Trandoshan hunter Charr.

So far, four modes have been confirmed for launch:

  • Huttball – Players need to gain control over a ball and score goals (which sounds a lot like Rocket League)
  • Control – A control point needs to be defended by your team, all while being contested by others
  • Escort – You need to defend or attack a payload being escorted through the map
  • Squad Brawl – A team deathmatch mode that ends when a squad reaches 20 eliminations

You can check out even more and sign up for pre-registration on the official Star Wars: Hunters website.

Said missions seem to be as varied as the locales themselves, and as seen in the walkthrough, there’s stealth, speeder chases, dialogue options and all-out combat.

Bringing it all to stunning life is Ubisoft’s proprietary Snowdrop engine – the same tech behind Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. The next-gen visuals mean that it will only be available on PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

You can pre-order Star Wars Outlaws for PS5 or Xbox Series X/S from Game for £69.99.

Star Wars RTS from Respawn Entertainment

A screenshot of the 2006 RTS game, Star Wars Empire at War.
2006 RTS game Star Wars Empire at War. Petroglyph, Lucasfilm, Disney

Revealed in an EA press release, Respawn Entertainment is also collaborating with the newly formed Bit Reactor development studio to make a new real-time strategy game set in the Star Wars Universe.

Bit Reactor co-founder and CEO Greg Foertsch has a storied RTS history, and has been attached to some of the biggest in the genre - such as Sid Meier’s Alien Crossfire, Alpha Centauri, Civilisation, the XCOM reboots and Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Foertsch recently spoke with Rock Paper Shotgun’s editor-in-chief Katharine Castle and told them: "We want to make a game and just have people say, 'Man, that's [an] amazing game, and oh, it happens to be strategy.' That's the goal."

Speaking of the difficulty that strategy games have faced in the past, Foertsch said, "They were late to the party on consoles," implying that he doesn’t want to miss out on them this time around.

Hopefully, we will see the game release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, as the genre is sorely lacking there.

The ambition, expertise and cash are all there, then, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one - and hopefully it will exceed the excellent Star Wars Empire at War!

Note: Respawn was also working on a Star Wars FPS game at some point, but that one has sadly been cancelled.

Star Wars: Eclipse

Announced back in 2021, Quantic Dream are developing a new Star Wars game in the same vein as their previous titles such as Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain.

In the CGI trailer’s description, Eclipse is said to be: "Set during the High Republic era, Star Wars Eclipse is an intricately branching action-adventure game that can be experienced in many ways, and puts the destinies of multiple playable characters in your hands…"

The development may be in trouble, however, as the owner of Insider Gaming Tom Henderson claimed in 2021 that Quantic Dream was suffering issues in hiring staff to help develop the game, and as such was being pushed back to 2027-2028 release window, something he went into further depth on Xfire.

GamesRadar then reported that Quantic Dream has rebuffed those claims in an email in the wake of that article, citing that: "Star Wars Eclipse has not been delayed, because Quantic Dream [was] never announced or promised a launch window for the title..."

Depending on when the game finally sees the light of day, it could be a cross-gen title between the current PS5 and Xbox Series X/S and a future PS6 and Xbox console.

The PC should, of course, see an eventual PC release, if not a simultaneous one. Given the lofty ambitions for the visuals, it’s unclear if it will release on the next-gen Switch 2.

Star Wars Jedi 3

Cal Kestis holds a green lightsaber in this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor screenshot.
Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. EA / Respawn

It’s no small wonder that Respawn wants to continue to capitalise on the success of 2019’s Fallen Order and 2023’s Survivor of the Star Wars Jedi series.

Both were excellent games, and recently Cal Kestis voice actor Cameron Monaghan announced that the third game was under way.

The series are set between the events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and follows Kestis as he tries to remain out of sight and one step ahead of the newly formed Galactic Empire.

It’s not entirely unlikely that the game will see a release sometime between 2027 and 2028, which means it could potentially be a cross-gen game in a similar fashion to how Star Wars Eclipse may be.

Interestingly, Star Wars Jedi director Stig Asmussen has left Respawn to start his own company where he recently announced a new "story immersed" game. We will watch its development with great interest.

Knights of the Old Republic remake

A screengrab of the Knights of the Republic Remake reveal depicting Sith Lord Revan
Knights of the Republic Remake reveal depicting Sith Lord Revan. Aspyr, Disney, Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Knights of the Old Republic remake has had quite the troubled development, or lack thereof, as despite being announced during the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, it doesn't seem to be much closer to coming out.

Saber Interactive is now leading the development, and their CEO announced — after heaps of speculation — that the game is still "alive and well". So, we'll update this page with more info when it surfaces.

Whether or not we’ll ever see the remake come to PC and PS5 remains to be seen, but at least you can have fun with cheats in KotOR 1 and KotOR 2!

Star Wars game from Amy Hennig’s Skydance New Media

Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 with a poorly edited in Lightsaber
Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog, Radio Times

Announced back in 2022 on the Star Wars website, a new action-adventure game from Uncharted creator Amy Hennig’s Skydance New Media is in the works, but it may be a case of what’s old is new.

As reported by Grant Davis for Star Wars News Net, the project might be a "spiritual revival" of Project Ragtag – a Star Wars project led by Hennig under Visceral Games between 2013 and 2017 that was very similar to Uncharted before being shuttered by EA.

Hennig’s work on Uncharted, Project Ragtag and the fact that the new game is described as "a narrative-driven, action-adventure game" lends credence to this theory. Whether or not it is the same story remains to be seen. Project Ragtag was said to be set in the aftermath of Episode IV: A New Hope.

The project is no doubt a good few years still out, and that relegates it firmly to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and potentially the next-gen Switch 2 depending on how powerful it is.


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