Remember those Blue Medallions from the original Resident Evil 4? They're back for the remake, and just as annoying as ever!

Although the premise is pretty much the same - shoot them down for the merchant, collect your prize - it's a different kettle of fish this time. Well, it's a different game.

If you're struggling to find them, fear not. In this article we'll walk you through every Blue Medallion in the game - from the farm to the castle - so you'll be collecting your wad of Spinels in no time!

Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallions locations

There are many sections of the game, and plenty of medallions in each. To make this easier, we'll split our guide into different sections.

The Farm

  • The first medallion is hiding just behind the hut with the typewriter (save point).
  • Next, head to the barns opposite the hut mentioned above, and look to the beams!
  • Now head to a different barn - the one next to the windmill. There should be a medallion inside.
  • Next, look through the gap in the main building, and you should see a medallion hanging from the ceiling like a pendant.
  • For the last one in this area, look right behind the Wayshrine - that's the little hut with the candles.

Check out the above from YouTube channel WoW Quests for extra help!

Quarry and Fish Farm

  • Look up! The first one is hanging like a pendant from a rope, on a wooden structure to the left of a treasure lantern.
  • And now to look down. The next one is underneath the wooden decking in the area you find the boat.
  • The next is easy - just head inside the fishing hut with the rubber lifebuoy.
  • Next, look into the gap between wooden planks to the right of the big ramp.
  • Finally, you'll need to get wet and head under the jetty!

Once again, check out a video above from WoW Quests if you're lost!

Castle Gate and Entrance

A quick nugget of advice before we start - destroy the cannons before you start shooting the medallions! It'll make the search much harder if you're dodging cannon fire.

  • The first in this area is attached to a tree just outside the wall, before the first set of steps.
  • The next one is in a gap in the stone wall that's crumbling with flames in the (hopefully recently destroyed) area.
  • Stay where you are! Look up a bit, and to your left - you should see another one in the distance. Left of the big window.
  • Next, look for a domed shelter next to a cannon to your right. A medallion should be under the shelter.
  • If you drop off the ledge and head to the cannon, a medallion will be right in front of you.
  • For the last one, head inside one of the battlements with a cannon. This is right next to the door that leads to the centre.

It doesn't look like anyone has captured a video of this lot yet, but we'll add it here if that changes.

Grand Hall

  • The first medallion in the Grand Hall area is located at the top of an archway just before you enter the hall itself.
  • For the next one, look behind the Chimera Statue.
  • Look up to the chandelier for the next one. It'll be easier to get this from the balcony.
  • Now, head to the back of the Dining Hall and look between the curtains in the window.
  • Next head to the armoury, and look between a gap in the archway.
  • The final one is a bit sneaky. It's attached to a pillar gallery section.

We hope this has been helpful! For some more general tips for Resident Evil 4, check out our video below.

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