The original Resident Evil 4 transcended the franchise's survival horror into action horror, which meant – as you'd expect – more action. Specifically, more shooting.


As the remake has kept the spirit of the original, you can be sure to expect the same sort of thing. Leon can't avoid a fight quite as much as he could in Resident Evil 2 – this time you're going to have to shoot, fight, and blast your way through hordes of enemies. And some of them are real bullet sponges.

A top tip before we get started: the higher the price, the better the weapon's base stats probably are, but all of these weapons can also be tinkered with at any merchant shop. Upgrades make your weapons more powerful and faster to load, and you'll get that invested money back if you sell the weapon later on.

If you're curious about the weapons you'll be using, we've got you covered (metaphorically, we're not shooting for you). Every weapon in the Resident Evil 4 remake is listed below, as well as info on where to find them.

Resident Evil 4 weapons list: how to get all guns

A few of these weapons you'll start out with, but a few you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for. We'll split the weapons into categories (knives, handguns, etc). So, let's get started!

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Misc weapons

First up, it's time for the miscellaneous weapons (there are only two) that don't fit into the other categories, one of which is the traditional Resident Evil finisher.

Bolt Thrower

  • Available from the merchant, chapter 2 onwards.
  • 10,000 Pesetas in the merchant's shop.
  • If you hadn't guessed, it's a crossbow!
  • You can reuse the bolts, too, if you can safely pick them up.

Rocket Launcher

  • Available from the merchant, chapter 4 onwards.
  • 80,000 Pesetas from the merchant's shop (cheaper on assisted mode).
  • It can one-shot-kill any boss, but you can only use it once.
  • Check out our video below on why you shouldn't use this weapon.


The knife is a classic of the franchise. Very handy when you're right next to a foe (or if you're particularly low on ammo). There are a few in this game. Note that knives in this game degrade with heavy use, so you'll want to pick up any spares that you stumble across!

Combat Knife

  • Starting weapon.

Fighting Knife

  • Unlocked after defeating Krauser in Chapter 14.
  • Can be repaired by the merchant.

Primal Knife

  • Unlocked after destroying all Clockwork Castellan Dolls.
  • Costs 1,000 CP at the Extra Content Shop.


Another staple of the franchise, handguns are often the most reliable choice. There are a few in the Resident Evil 4 remake, some better than others.

SG-09 R

  • Starter weapon.


  • Available when you first meet the merchant.
  • Costs five Spinels.


  • Available from chapter onwards.
  • Can be found in the wrecked boat in the middle of the lake.


  • Available from chapter 7 onwards.
  • Costs 24,000 Pesetas at the merchant's shop.


  • Available from chapter 9 onwards.
  • Costs 10 Spinels at the merchant's shop.
  • Attach a stock to fire three round bursts!


A classic of the zombie horror genre. If you've played any game like this before, you'll know these bad boys work best at close range (especially when there's more than one enemy).


  • Found in chapter 1, in the village.
  • Similarly to the 2005 original, you find the first shotgun in the first big fight – on the wall in the big village house.

Riot Gun

  • Available from chapter 6 onwards.
  • 28,000 Pesetas in the merchant's shop.


  • Available in chapter 10.
  • 38,000 Pesetas at the merchant's shop.


The rifles are ideal for long range attacks. They're also great for hitting weak points on enemies when you want a precise spot – and their various scopes will come in very handy.

SR M1903

  • Available from chapter 2 onwards.
  • 12,000 Pesetas at the merchant's shop.


  • Available from chapter 7 onwards.
  • 30,000 Pesetas at the merchant's shop.

CQBR Assault Rifle

  • Found in the south castle library, in chapter 10.
  • Only assault rifle in the game!


The submachine gun isn't for everyone but it's a weapon that might come in handy against bosses, especially at the end if you want to get as much damage in as possible. There are three in the Resident Evil 4 remake.


  • Available from chapter 3 onwards.
  • 10,000 Pesetas from the merchant's shop.

LE 5

  • Found in the northern freezer room (among the the Regeneradors).
  • It's behind an optional puzzle, but it's worth doing!

Chicago Sweeper

  • Complete the game in professional mode!


Like the handgun, but OP. Again, you've got three to collect.

Broken Butterfly

  • Available from chapter 7 onwards.
  • 38,000 Pesetas from the merchant's shop.


  • Available from chapter 13 onwards.
  • 77,700 Pesetas from the merchant's shop.


  • Beat the game on professional mode without using any bonus weapons (good luck!).

And there you have it, every weapon in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Some of them you start with, and others will be a challenge and a half to obtain. Good luck!

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